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Tandem Press Brake Purchase Guide 2024 Update

Large press brake is not the only way to bend a large-sized part. Press brake machine can be coupled to work in tandem, which might help increase productivity and throughput. Tandem press brake machine can process special long work pieces, especially suitable for the processing and manufacturing light poles and high mast power poles. Since tandem press brake is widely used for light pole bending, it also always be called as light pole bending machine or light pole press brake.

1. What is a tandem press brake?

Tandem press brake machine is to combine two press brakes together, which can be the same models, also can be different models.

The two or three machines can work together, also can work separately to improve work efficiency and save energy.

Like most single press brake machine, tandem press brakes also are CNC. Ram stroke accuracy and repeatability are achieved by scales and linear encoders.

These components evaluate the position of the ram multiple times per millisecond, and feedback these information to CNC controllers. Instead of reading two scale positions for a single machine, tandem bending machines read the position of four scales and adjust accordingly.

2. What should pay attention to when buying a tandem press brake?

tandem 2WEK CNC press brake machines

To purchase tandem type, you must know clearly the needs of the machine purchase, the scope of application, and the improvement of production efficiency and material handling.

The aspects can be used to judge whether single bending machine is good or tandem bending machines are more suitable:

– Flexibility

If there are two 500-ton, 6-meter tandem CNC press brakes in a workshop, we can produce not only 12 meters length sheet metal, but also two machines can be used independently.

For example, the length of the work piece is not more than 6 meters, the production can be double increased.

As the market continues to change, the processing business also continue to change. The tandem light pole press brake provides flexibility and has more business options.

– Risk Aversion

Choosing CNC tandem press brake machine can effectively avoid risks. When one machine breaks down and it is too late to repair, the other machine can continue to be used.

– Speed

Two single machines are faster than one large press brake. When we bend shorter parts, which shorter than one single press brake machine, Production speed must increase a lot.

– Machine costs

The price of two combined single CNC press brake machine usually is cheaper than a large, custom machine.

– Auxiliary costs

The cost of single press brake machine, or tandem, is only a percentage of the total cost of the project. Before purchasing any equipment, conduct a thorough evaluation of auxiliary costs.

We will consider the transportation cost difference for one large press brake machine and a tandem press brake machine. Or will special permits be required.

The foundation reparation work, the machine power, hydraulic oil requirements etc are all need be considered. Understanding all costs associated is the only way to accurately calculate return on investment.

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3. Key points of technical discussion

tandem 2WEK CNC press brake machine mold

When we sell tandem 2WEK CNC press brake machines, we need to pay attention to the following points in technical discussions with customers:

Point 1: Length and Weight

Because the production pit of tandem press brake machine in our Wuxi Shenchong factory is only 14.5 meters, the maximum crane weight is 34Ton.

So if the CNC tandem press brake machine customer requested more than 14.5 meters, the weight of a single machine wall exceeds 30Ton (according to the machine tonnage and throat depth, technicians need to calculate), we need to negotiate with our engineers.

Point 2: Technological Process

If the customers’ tandem press brake machine is used to process electric light poles or signal towers, their technological process is:

- Cutthe plate: cutting with plasma, flame, etc., and beveling the plate over 10mm.

- Bending: generally marking the lines on plates, using front and rear feeders to push plates. Front and rear feeders can be CNC controlled, also theprices are more expensive)

- Welding: gantry welding + roller frame

- Welding flange

- Surface treatment: grinding, galvanizing, spraying etc..

Point 3: Shape

After knowing the product process, in addition to the material, thickness, and length of the plate that need to be known for the machine tonnage calculation, we also need to know whether the work piece is polygonal or circular.

– If it is a circle, we should pay attention to the radian when designing the upper and lower press brake tools.

– If it is a polygon, standard multi-V bottom die is enough, also we need to consider the press brake machine stroke and open height.

tandem 2WEK CNC press brake machine bending process

Point 4: Maximum and Minimum Diameters

In addition, we need to know the light poles or high master poles maximum and minimum diameters.

For example:

The maximum diameter of the pole is 400mm. When designing the press brake tools, the height of upper tool must be bigger than 400mm, so that when the last time bending, the two sides of the pole will not be touched on the machine slider. At the same time, if the customer needs one-time forming poles, the throat of this equipment must be greater than 800mm.

– If the pole is too large, such as 1.5 meters in diameter.

If this kind pole is formed at a time, the throat needs to reach 3 meters, we can not do this by press brake machine for sale.

So we can choose to bend half of the pole firstly, then turn it in another direction to bend.This method, the machine throat needs to be 1.5 meters, but needs a large enough workshop to turn the poles ).

Or bend two semicircles and then weld two lines (this kind of method, the machine throat needs to be 800mm).

– If the minimum diameter of the pole is 200mm, with a dodecagonal shape.

The circumference of the pole is 630mm, and the length of a single side is 52mm.

So the opening size of the lower die must be less than 52mm*2=104mm, otherwise the pole can not be bent.

Of course, there are some other details of the tandem CNC press brake, such as the work table (CNC controlled, manual adjustment), forward and backward feeding (selection of control functions) and so on. Any other questions, you can consult us at any time!