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Sheet Metal Guillotine Cutter Usage and Operation Guide

1. Operation specification process and precautions for using sheet metal guillotine shears

CNC Sheet Metal Guillotine Cutter Machine

- The shearing machine must be managed by a special person.

- Before operating the shear machine, wear tight protective clothing, fasten the cuffs, and do not open the hem of the top. Do not wear, take off or change clothes next to the running guillotine shear machine to prevent the machine from being strangled. A safety helmet must be worn, and the braids should be placed in the hat. Skirts, slippers, and scarves are not allowed to operate the cutting machine.

- A plate shearing machine cannot be operated by 2 people at the same time. When two people work together to cut the plates, they must be commanded by one person to strengthen the connection, and the movements of the hands and feet are consistent.

- The operator must be familiar with the structure, performance and operation method of the equipment, and it is strictly forbidden to use the equipment with excessive performance.

- Before starting the sheet metal cutter machine, carefully check whether the rotating parts of the machine tool, safety devices, lubrication systems and upper and lower knives are normal.

- Check the oil level in the oil gauge before starting the guillotine cutter machine, and add grease according to the equipment lubrication regulations.

- Before working, the upper and lower blades should be aligned first, and the blade clearance should be determined according to the thickness of the sheared steel plate, which is generally between 5 and 7% of the thickness of the sheared sheet. Reciprocate the blade once and check with a feeler gauge for proper clearance.

- According to the requirements of cutting the work piece, loosen the bolts of the positioning baffle, adjust the size and position of the positioning baffle, and strengthen it. Before working, it should be tested for 2 to 3 times of empty running to confirm that the lubrication is good and there is no abnormality in the operation before work.

- It is forbidden to tighten the stopper or adjust the blade gap by tapping. When adjusting the guide rail clearance and the blade clearance, the vehicle should be stopped before proceeding.

- It is forbidden to put your hand into the shearing area during the working process, and it is not allowed to pick up and pick up materials by hand.

- No other things can be placed on the workbench, to avoid it go into the cutting edge and damage the blade.

- When cutting sheets of different thicknesses and materials, the pressure of the platen spring and the blade clearance should be adjusted appropriately to prevent the spring from breaking or damaging the cutting edge. Bar cutting is prohibited.

- Always pay attention to whether the clamping mechanism, clutch and brake are abnormally malfunctioning; when shearing, you should concentrate on it. If you find any abnormality in the equipment, you should immediately stop shearing, cut off the power supply, and notify the relevant personnel for maintenance.

- The cutting edge of the blade must be kept sharp. If it is found to be damaged, worn or dull, it should be sharpened or replaced in time.

- Do not put sundries and tools on the workbench, so keep the machine tool and the site clean at all times.

- After starting up the machine, it is not allowed to make interlocking in order to save trouble. Every time you step on the foot switch, lift your foot from the foot switch immediately.

- When adjusting the machine tool, the power supply must be cut off. When moving the work piece, pay attention to the safety of hands.

- The feeding should be straight, flat and stable. Fingers should not be close to the cutter and the pressure plate. It is strictly forbidden for two people to cut two pieces of material at the same time on the same guillotine cutter machine. It is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the pressure plate and the knife edge.

- If it is found that the brake fails, the oil temperature of the fuel tank is overheated (over 60°C), the knife is connected, the abnormal sound or other abnormal conditions are found, it should be stopped immediately to check, find out the cause, and have it repaired by full-time maintenance personnel.

- After the work is completed, cut off the power supply, wipe the outside of the machine tool, carefully clean up the work site, and keep it tidy.

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2. Sheet Metal Guillotine Cutter Safety Points

- The guillotine cutting machine is strictly prohibited from overloading.

- The bolts, nuts, pins and other fasteners used on the sheet metal guillotine cutter machine must have anti-loosening measures.

- During the operation of the rigid clutch, it should be ensured that there is no obvious impact sound on the rotating pins and keys.

- When cutting small materials, padding should be adopted to prevent accidents caused by improper pressing.

- When multiple people assist the work, a special person should be designated to direct and operate the foot switch.

- It is forbidden to use machine tools to process super-long and super-thick objects.

- It is strictly forbidden to shear quenched steel, high-speed steel, alloy tool steel, cast iron and brittle materials.

- The motor must not be started with load, and the clutch should be disengaged before driving.

- Before working, turn the pulley a few times by hand to observe the movement of the blade.

- Frequently check whether the tie rod is out of order and whether the fastening bolt is loose.

- When the sheet is cut to the end, do not put your fingers under the sheet to feed the material, and do not cut two pieces of material at the same time on the same machine tool.

- No one is allowed to stand behind the guillotine shear machine and receive materials.

- The sheet metal cnc guillotine shearing machine must be stopped for adjustment and cleaning.

- After adjusting the blade, be sure to carry out manual test and no-load running test.