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Shearing Machine Blade Clearance Definition and Adjustment

Shearing Machines are powerful devices used to cut sheets of metal. The process is simple, two knives are positioned at an angle relative to one another, the lower knife is stationary and rigidly attached to the table, the upper knife is attached to a ram assembly and moves. The two blades are separated by a clearance measured in thousands of an inch.

1. What is the shearing machine blade clearance?

shearing machine blade clearance

Blade clearance is the distance between the upper and lower blade of the shear as they pass each other during the shearing process. It is defined as the separation between the blades, measured at the point where the cutting action takes place and perpendicular to the direction of blade movement.

The clearance of the blades is the key aspect to producing a quality cut and to keeping the shearing machine in working order.

Improper blade clearance will affect the machine’s power consumption and the finish of the cut. The quality of cut and edge quality will be reduced if the cutting clearance is too large. When the clearance is larger than the proper alignment, the material is drawn between the two blades. This improper alignment will lead to undesirable results and will not reflect the capability of the machine.

For the plate shears to be as efficient as possible, the blade clearance must remain at the optimal adjustment. This step is the biggest key factor to providing a quality cut. Eliminating burr and turn over is accomplished by keeping a proper adjustment of the blade gap of the shearing machine. Adjusting the gap to adapt to the cutting of various places produces the best results. The blade clearance is not standardized across all cuts and must be readjusted to accommodate for new cuts needed.

2. How to adjust the blade clearance?

How to adjust the blade clearance

Maintaining proper blade clearance is crucial to the operation and performance of a shearing machine. Without the standard of operation being met, the machine will not produce the high-quality results it is capable of. To ensure that the shearing machine blade clearance is at the optimal point for peak production, several steps must be met.

Operation Steps:

– First, turn the key switch to the adjustment position. Make sure it is in the proper place. Adjust the cutting angle to be smaller. This will put the upper and lower blades in a parallel state. Putting the blades at the optimal angle is important to ensure that cutting efficiency is achieved.

– Next, press the oil filing button to make the upper blade overlap the lower blade. The ideal overlap is 3-5mm. Check the overlap and make sure it is 3-5mm.

– Adjust the clearance through the front screw and the yellow screw sleeve. Double-check the clearance to ensure that it is correct. After that step, press the oil filing button for 40 seconds then release.

– Once you have completed the previous steps, the shearing blade machine should be set optimally to deliver the best quality cuts. Turn the key switch to the cutting position to begin the plate shearing process.

shearing machine back gauge

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The most important component of the shearing process is the clearance between the blades. Without proper clearance, the quality of the cut is affected. The machine can be affected by this as well. Negative results lead to improper use of the machine and extra wear and tear that is unnecessary.

Shearing machine blade clearance is an issue of safety and production. Safety becomes a major concern when a machine, or any product, is used improperly. When a machine is not kept at the expected operating standard, malfunction and break down of the machine is more likely. These safety concerns extend beyond the machine itself. The user is more prone to injury when a machine is not being operated properly.

The steps involved in adjusting the clearance must be adhered to for each different angle or type of cut needed. If the blades are not readjusted for new cuts, then the intended result will not be met. Blades that are not readjusted will continue to perform the previously set measure of cut.

The safety of the user is a primary concern when employing the use of any heavy machinery. If safety conditions are not met, and proper procedures are not followed, the safety of the user is at risk. It is important to be thorough in adjustments and measurements. The quality of the machine and the blades is at risk when intended procedures are skipped or ignored. The CNC plate shearing machine blade clearance can and should be adjusted incrementally for each different desired cut.

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