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SC 2023 Annual Summary Commendation & 2024 New Year Party

On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new, in order to show the company's rapid changes and vigorous development, enhance friendship and enhance cohesion, the company held the 2023 Annual Summary Commendation & 2024 New Year Party.

SC 2023 Annual Summary Commendation & 2024 New Year Party


The annual meeting will summarize the company's development achievements in 2023, and formulate the company's overall plan for 2024, including new annual plans, directions, goals, etc. Strengthen communication among employees, enhance awareness of team assistance, and enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness. Commend excellence, mobilize employees' enthusiasm through rewards, and encourage everyone to perform outstandingly in the new year. Enrich employees’ lives and thank all employees for their hard work over the past year. Allow employees to fully express themselves and recognize themselves and their sense of identity with the corporate family during the annual meeting. Strengthen the interaction between leaders and employees, allowing us to communicate and party together on the same stage.


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Time flies, time flies, 2023 has passed in a blink of an eye, and 2024 is coming to us with vigor and vitality. In order to thank all employees for their hard work over the past year, Wuxi Shenchong Forging Machine Tool Co., Ltd. held the 2023 Annual Summary Commendation and 2024 New Year's Eve Party on January 5 in Building 3 of Taoyuan Villa in Yangshan. The leaders of Wuxi Shenchong and Colleagues gathered together.



The entire meeting lasted for 4 hours and included four major links: Chairman Mr. Yin Zhiyong’s speech, the General Manager’s annual work report, outstanding employee commendations and employee cultural performances. During the meeting, applause rang out several times, laughter came and went, and the whole place was always filled with an exciting, warm and happy atmosphere. It’s exciting and has bright highlights.


The year-end summary meeting began at 2:30 pm. The meeting was chaired by Chairman Yin Zhiyong and gave an opening speech. First of all, looking back on the past year, we have experienced the challenges and opportunities of the market together. Through the unremitting efforts of the team, the company has made significant progress in all aspects. The new year brings more opportunities and challenges. I hope that everyone can continue to maintain a positive attitude, work together, and continue to innovate to jointly promote the development of the company.


At the climax of the annual meeting, the company presented the Annual Outstanding Employee Award to recognize those employees who have made outstanding contributions to the company. When the host read the names of the winners, the audience burst into warm applause and cheers. The winners walked onto the stage and received their trophies and certificates of honor, their faces filled with pride and joy.


In addition, the annual meeting also set up an interactive session, where employees could not only relax and win generous prizes by participating in fun games and lucky draws. The entire venue was filled with laughter and a warm and peaceful atmosphere.


2024 New Year

The new year 2024 is coming. Hope everyone will work hard and keep up the good work to reap next year's results and win next year's success!