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Why Do You Need Press Brake Bending Follower? [Advantages & Features]

1. What is Press Brake Bending Followers? What's the Use?

What is Press Brake Bending Follow-up Device

The CNC press brake follow-up support device is used to lift the workpiece to be processed, and cooperate with the upper die slide block to bend the workpiece.

In the working process, when CNC press brake bends large thin plates or wide sheet metal parts, in order to prevent workpiece deformation and ensure machining accuracy, several operators are often required to carry out manual feeding assistance. Even if we rely on manual work, we can not get satisfactory results. At this time, the press brake bending follower is particularly useful.

2. CNC Press Brake Bending Follower Support Advantages

- Reduce bending assistants. Reduce labor intensity. Save labor costs.

- The follower support and the sheet bending action are fully synchronized.

- Strong flexibility. Suitable for matching with various brands and models of press brakes.

- Independent control system. No need to modify the bending machine.

- Move to match different bending machines in your factory at any time.

Wuxi Shenchong latest press brake bending follower has strong rigidity. Wide table design. High power drive. The overturning range can reach a bearing capacity of 1000 kg.

3. Sheet Metal Bending Follower Device Features

Bending Sheet Follower Device Features

The follow-up front support of bending machine is an auxiliary equipment for sheet metal bending. In the process of large pieces of sheet metal, it always supports the upturned sheet metal to make a circular reciprocating motion.

The complexity of this equipment lies in that the trajectory of its supporting plate and the motion trajectory of the bending machine are consistent during the bending and turning up process: the trajectory is consistent and the speed is consistent.

The independent CNC system realizes this function, keeping the two highly unified. At the same time, the follow-up device does not have high requirements on the bending machine, so it does not need to be modified and upgraded separately, and the scope of application is very wide.

- The main body is an independent structure. When matching, there is no need to modify the mechanical parts of the press brake.

- The base is Foma wheel structure. Flexible and convenient to move.

- Independent electrical control system. The magnetic scale is used to feed back information to the computer. The computer controls the closed-loop servo motor to do the follow-up action.

- Man machine interface, programmable or manual operation.

- The universal ball is installed on the support table. It is convenient to move and turn over the workpiece, and it is convenient to bend the workpiece.

- The height of the pallet can be fine-tuned up and down. Easy to install molds of different heights.

- The follow-up turning speed can be adjusted according to different plate thicknesses. No need to modify the press brake control system.

Its application can greatly save manpower, improve the material support effect, make the sheet material evenly stressed, and ensure the processing quality of the bending workpiece.

The bending follower and press brake machine for sale can quickly form a semi-automatic production unit. It can quickly and flexibly proof samples and mass produce while saving labor, which has good economic benefits.