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Plate Bending Automatic Production Line

Plate Bending Automatic Production Line For Sheet Metal

Automatic Bending Rolling Production Line

Shenchong robotic press brake plate bending automatic production line realizes unmanned sheet metal bending.

CNC hydraulic press brake configured 6+1 or more equipped with a 6-axis or 7-axis robot form a fully automatic bending cell. Automatic bending flexible line solution provides stable quality sheet metal forming, making your production more cost-effective.

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Automatic Bending Unit

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Advantages and differences:

Transform and optimize the bending production according to the customer's original equipment. Also, provide customers with a complete new sheet metal flexible bending solution.

- High tech, high performance

- Maximum bending flexibility

- Increase productivity and efficiency

- Save labor cost and material loss

- Reduce operation error

- Better machining accuracy and consistency

- Achieve high quality mass production

- Promote the working environment

- Reduce labor intensity and safety in production

- Improve the corporate image for the long-term development

Automatic Cutting Bending Production Line

Sheet Metal Automatic Production Line Features:

Plate bending automatic production line can be combined with other CNC machine tools and automatic production system to form complete flexible lines.

- Unlimited creativity: the cooperation and link between robot and CNC bending machine eliminates the limitation of bending feasibility.

- The robot bending cell connect with the sheet metal storage system.

- Communicate with industrial MES system to realize continuous unmanned production.

- Full automatic bending production line control software automatically optimizes the production sequence and guides the operators to make the work easier and reduce the risk of error.

Sheet Metal Bending Flexible Line

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