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Oil Storage Tank Process: Rolling And Welding

Storage tank is a container for storing oil products. It is the main facility of the oil depot. In Pipeline transport, it is the oil source interface of the oil pipeline. According to material, it can be divided into two categories: non-metallic oil tanks and metal oil tanks. Metal oil tanks can be divided into three types according to their shape: vertical cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical, and spherical. The processing and manufacturing of metal storage tanks require the use of a rolling machine. Usually, we use a suitable model of plate rolling machine to roll the curved tank body, and then carry out welding and other processes.

Metal oil tanks are widely used due to their low cost, low leakage, convenient construction, and easy maintenance. Next, we will learn about the shape and processing technology of metal oil storage tanks, including the welding of plate rolling machines and welding equipment.


1. Manufacturing of oil storage tanks

Oil Storage Tank Process Rolling Process

The basic structure of large and medium-sized storage tanks consists of tank walls, tank tops, tank bottoms, and tank accessories.

The arc of the tank body is generally formed by rolling and processing using a rolling machine.

The vertical electric welding of the tank wall ring plate of an oil tank is usually a butt joint type. Sleeves are usually used for circumferential welding of small and medium-sized oil tanks. Large space oil tanks are usually mixed. The tank wall steel plate needs to meet the strength requirements and also meet the stability performance requirements.


Processing procedure:

The first step is to cut the material. The factory uses a planer to edge the steel plate according to specific requirements. Then use a grinding wheel to grind the groove and use a rolling machine to roll the metal sheet into a circle. Finally, weld the head and tail. Repeat a few times to obtain the barreled can body.


Fabrication of storage tank cylinder:

The manufacture of storage tank cylinder is emphasized. The production of the cylinder is divided into two parts: the cylinder barrel and the elliptical head.

1) The cylindrical barrel body is rolled by a rolling machine.

2) The elliptical head is stamped out.

3) Then weld it as a whole.


2. Material and shape of metal oil tanks

Material and shape of metal oil tanks

- Tank material

Metal oil storage tanks are containers made of welded steel plate material. The plate used for ordinary metal oil tanks is a type of open hearth boiling steel named Q235-AF. Q235-A open hearth killed steel is used in cold regions. For over 10000m³ The large volume oil tank is made of high-strength low alloy steel.


- Metal oil storage tank shape

The common shapes of metal oil tanks are generally vertical cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical, spherical, and so on. Vertical cylindrical oil tanks can be divided into truss top tanks, moment free top tanks, beam column top tanks, arch top tanks, sleeve top tanks, and floating top tanks based on their top structure.

The most commonly used ones are dome roof tanks and floating roof tanks. The dome roof tank has a relatively simple structure and is commonly used to store raw oil, finished oil, and aromatic products. Floating roof tanks are also divided into two types: inner floating roof tanks and outer floating roof tanks. There is a steel floating roof inside the tank that floats on the oil surface and rises and falls with the oil surface. Floating roofs not only reduce oil consumption, but also reduce the risk of fire and atmospheric pollution.

Especially for inner floating roof tanks, the evaporation loss is relatively small, which can reduce the oxidation of oil by air and ensure the quality of stored oil, which is more beneficial for fire protection. The front inner floating roof tank is widely used at home and abroad to store volatile light oil products. It is a kind of Storage tank that has been popularized and applied.

Horizontal cylindrical oil tanks are also widely used. Due to its ability to withstand high positive and negative pressures, it is beneficial to reduce the evaporation loss of oil and reduce the risk of fire.

It can be manufactured in batches mechanically and then transported to the construction site for installation, making it easy to handle and demolish, and has good mobility. The disadvantage is that the capacity is generally small, the quantity used is large, and the floor area is large.

It is suitable for small distribution oil depots, rural oil depots, urban gas stations, military field oil depots, or enterprise affiliated oil depots. It is also used as an auxiliary oil tank in large oil depots, such as vent tanks and metering tanks.

Spherical oil tanks have the characteristics of pressure resistance and material conservation, and are often used in liquefied petroleum gas systems, as well as solvent storage tanks with high pressure.



Why is the oil storage tank made into a flat circle instead of a square? The reason is to reduce friction and reduce the pressure of oil on the tank bottom and filling wall. We need to use a sheet metal rolling machine to make this shape of circular arc. Welcome to inquire from Wuxi Shenchong about the large plate rolling machines for the processing of oil tank bodies.

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