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How Auto Laser Loading And Unloading System Improve Processing Efficiency?

Why you need a auto laser loading and unloading system? With the progress of society and the improvement of living standards, the market's demand for product diversification, low manufacturing costs, and short production cycles is becoming increasingly urgent.

Traditional manufacturing technology can no longer meet the market's demand for multiple varieties and small batches, and various industries are finding ways to reduce inefficient and expensive labor costs. Especially in the field of laser processing, the high repeatability, long time, and low efficiency of manual loading and unloading have become pain points in the industry. Therefore, the auto laser loading and unloading system has received widespread attention.

The Shenchong laser cutting loading and unloading system includes feeding suction cup fixtures, unloading holding fork type fixtures, X and Z moving axes, automatic lifting material table, automatic finished product discharge table, laser cutting machines, and so on.

It can achieve full automation of steel plate laser cutting, loading and unloading, and achieve unmanned operation of laser loading and unloading. Work 24/7. No manual circulation. With the help of rapid sheet cutting and loading functions, the utilization rate of laser cutting machines is higher.

1. Advantages of automatic loading and unloading in laser cutting

automatic loading and unloading in laser cutting with storage system

Automatic laser loading and unloading system, laser cutting machines, sheet metal storage system, manipulator, sorting unit, warehouse management system, production management system constitute a complete automatic laser cutting production unit, which can realize:

- Unified management of production cutting tasks.

- Improve the efficiency of laser machine utilization. Reduce standby time.

- Reduce employee labor intensity. Improve on-site labor safety.

- Reduce the number of workers employed. Avoid labor shortages.

- Improve the on-site environment. Enhance the company's image.

- Prepare for the introduction of demand for future intelligent plants.


Finally, we will confirm the specific configuration based on the workpiece requirements provided by the customer, in order to provide a quotation. Based on the provided drawings, offer a professional fully automatic laser cutting loading and unloading solution.


The number of layers of three-dimensional storage units can be customized according to the actual situation of the customer's site. Each bin can store 3 tons of sheets. The whole is welded by profiles. Stable structure. Strong load-bearing capacity. Using chain lifting transmission. Safe and stable operation.


2. Composition of auto laser loading and unloading system

auto laser loading and unloading system

- Single-sheet pick-up device

The single-sheet pick-up device sucks the sheet from the specified layer and performs layered thickness measurement to ensure that only one sheet picked.

Then carry the sheet to the top of the roller table positioning table. The sheet is placed on the roller table positioning table, and the sheet material is transported to the laser feeding area by the roller table positioning table for precise positioning.

The feeding device of the laser loading and unloading robot goes to the laser feeding area to absorb the sheet with a vacuum suction cup, and then sends the sheet to the first laser cutting machine to exchange the table. At this time, the laser cutting machine feeding robot moves to a safe position. The first laser cutting machine starts working.

Then the three-dimensional warehouse takes out the sheets required by the second laser cutting machine and moves them to the laser feeding area. Then the laser cutting machine loading robot sucks the sheet and sends it to the second laser cutting machine workbench. The third laser cutting machine circulates sequentially as well. Fully automated operation.


- Automatic loading & unloading and sorting

After completing the cutting of the sheet metal, the cutting fixture of the laser loading and unloading robot is transferred to the exchange workbench and used to pick up the waste and finished products from the sheet metal using forks

Then, the waste and finished products are placed on the electric sorting table trolley. The waste and finished products are then moved to the sorting area by an electric sorting trolley for sorting.


- Advantages compared with traditional manual loading and unloading

An ordinary laser cutting machine with an automatic loading and unloading system requires two people to operate. One person takes care of the equipment, one person picks materials, and two people load materials together. For simple cutting (fast completion of cutting) and thick plate cutting, it is extremely inconvenient, time-consuming, and inefficient.


The ordinary loading mechanism is suitable for loading and unloading single materials and thicknesses, and is suitable for single batch production. The laser automatic loading and unloading system can load and unload materials according to various material and thickness production requirements. Automatic completion.


The laser cutting loading and unloading system can automatically pick up various sheets that have been cut on the laser workbench. Small workpieces will be placed in containers, while larger workpieces will be placed on pallets or transport vehicles for sorting. Through various controllable vacuum suction cups, a large number of workpieces can be organized.


By utilizing the relevant technology of robots in the field of laser cutting, the automatic laser loading and unloading system can not only meet the requirements of complex three-dimensional cutting in technology, but also help improve the quality level of industrial products. Simultaneously reducing production costs can bring enormous economic benefits to enterprises.


The auto laser loading and unloading system through laser cutting can make the production process more automatic and efficient. Nowadays, the sheet metal processing industry is actively preparing for the introduction of automated production. The integrated automatic loading and unloading system is undoubtedly a sharp tool for improving efficiency and pursuing higher investment returns. By using this intelligent automation system, enterprises will gain an excellent advantage in market competition.

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