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ESA S630 CNC Press Brake Controller is the most powerful CNC in its class. 10 ”color touch screen. Up to 4 axes. ESA CNC press brake controllers are uitable for conventional, syncro, hybrid, electric, tandem, multitandem. Wuxi Shenchong CNC press brake always use this stable CNC control system.
With the advancement of the times and the increase of labor costs, the efficiency has not improved much compared to before. Under such circumstances, in order to improve efficiency, customers will also ask about the method of laser cutting loading system when purchasing laser cutting machines.
DELEM DA 66T cnc press brake controller modusys system enables flexibility and expandability.It has DA-Touch series, 2D graphical front-end CNC. Wuxi Shenchong CNC press brake machines can be equipped with DA66T control system from small 40 tons to large 600 tons.
With development of industrial robots, more and more robots are used in sheet metal bending industry. Everyone knows that selecting a robot for bending can save labor, but many people are not aware of selecting the robot seventh axis can further save labor and maximize the bending efficiency. This article will introduce what is robot 7th axis and its applications.
The DELEM DA 58T cnc press brake controllers offer modern compact and versatile solutions for powerful economic press brake applications. Shenchong CNC press brake machine can be optionally equipped with DA-58T controller. DA 58T graphical programming and numerical programming solutions based on state-of-the-art press brake control enable optimal flexibility.
Due to the different fields of use, the types of bending machines are also different. From the number of rollers, it can be divided into three roller plate bending machines and four roller plate bending machines. What is the difference between 3-roll and 4-roll bending machines?