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Laser Uncoiling Blanking Production Line

The laser uncoiling blanking production line is an efficient and accurate automated production line that has been favored by more and more manufacturing companies in recent years. The growth of market demand has promoted the continuous development and innovation of technology in uncoiling and blanking production lines.


The laser uncoiling and blanking production line is mainly used for batch automatic flattening of metal coils. It is a new type of laser cutting method. Cutting and feeding of stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum plate, galvanized sheet and other metal coils. It has great application prospects in the building materials industry, automobile manufacturing industry, refrigeration equipment manufacturing industry, environmental protection and security industry, new energy manufacturing industry, chassis and cabinet manufacturing industry, etc.


This is an automatic production line that integrates uncoiling and laser cutting. It can replace the traditional coiling and flattening machine and coil stamping line to achieve batch laser cutting of coils, greatly reducing enterprise production costs, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


1. The trend of automation and intelligence in laser uncoiling blanking line

Automatic Laser Uncoiling And Blanking Production Line

The sheet metal processing industry is a highly competitive industry. Every aspect such as labor cost, material utilization, product quality, and delivery time is the focus of competition. Using automation to engage in high value-added precision sheet metal processing has become a way for many companies to escape the Red Sea market.


On the basis of Industry 4.0, all walks of life are accelerating their layout, and the improvement of intelligence is essential. The key point is to transform the company from its own development direction based on the characteristics of the enterprise to adapt to the needs of the market. The application should focus on requirements such as "equipment programming must be fast and intelligent, manufacturing plans must be dynamic, data collection and feedback must be real-time, and production monitoring must be remotely operated."


In a contemporary society with increasingly fierce industrial competition, efficient use of resources, cost reduction and energy conservation are important goals for all manufacturing companies. One way to achieve this is to develop accurate production plans by understanding technical manufacturing costs, identifying production bottlenecks and pinpointing where quality issues occur. Companies can better utilize raw materials and equipment, reduce raw material costs and energy consumption, and ultimately improve quality.


2. Features of automated laser uncoiling blanking production lines

automated laser uncoiling bending lines

The SC laser uncoiling and blanking automatic production line can provide a complete manufacturing process of coil uncoiling - leveling - cutting - sorting - palletizing - intelligent storage realizing one-stop processing. All equipment of the SC laser uncoiling blanking automatic production line are controlled by CNC technology, realizing complete digitization and automation of the entire line. It is convenient and fast to switch blanking products, and the status and data of equipment and production can be called remotely, seamlessly connecting to smart factories and digital factories.


The SHENCHONG automatic laser uncoiling blanking production line is customer-centric and achieves digital transformation through new generation technology applications such as big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and blockchain. In particular, the use of emerging cloud computing technology can effectively solve the production model of multiple varieties, small batches, and multiple batches, and achieve a minimum order of one piece.


In order to ensure safe and efficient production and facilitate personnel operation, the complete control system has self-diagnostic capabilities and generates reminder information. The SC  automatic laser uncoiling and blanking production line has three working modes: manual mode, debugging mode, and automatic mode, realizing single-machine single-action and coordinated operation of the entire production line.


Intelligent features:

When the uncoiling line is working as a whole, the safety area changes with changes in the working conditions. Various processing signals are transmitted from the central control room to each equipment, and the processing graphics and processing status of each equipment can be systematically analyzed. Understand in real time what, where, when and why is happening in the production process. Master the real-time information of the production process and use it to optimize equipment.


Allows companies to select which parts to produce and nest them together based on parameters such as material type, thickness and delivery date. Achieve maximum plate utilization, thereby optimizing material utilization. Reduce the inventory of unused materials and residual materials, achieve optimal use of equipment, and significantly shorten delivery times.


At the same time, to further manage the entire production process, including cutting, sorting, palletizing, etc., the system can track parts, materials and scrap inventory for each process, allocate raw materials to specific projects, and track material price changes. With this information, production bottlenecks can be easily identified and product performance, availability, and quality improved.


laser uncoiling line with storage system

Intelligent functions:

Through intelligent system informatization, the automatic uncoiling and blanking production line can accurately provide process-level production plans and material plans, fully realizing production planning and material control. The production line provides rich and open data ports, and the following functions can be realized through information collection.


1) Real-time monitoring of work order status, real-time presentation of information such as the start quantity, completed quantity, backlog status of work in process, and quality inspection results of process work in progress.


2) The powerful data collection engine and integrated data collection means (RFID, barcode equipment, PLC, equipment integration, etc.) cover the entire manufacturing site to ensure real-time, accurate and comprehensive collection of massive on-site data.


3) The output can be queried and analyzed based on various query conditions such as time, product number, order number, etc.


4) Query daily and monthly production output reports in real time, intuitively understand changes in product output in the form of trend charts, and better help companies plan future production.


5) Multi-dimensional presentation of various quality analysis reports, such as pass rate, defective rate, scrap rate and other statistical reports, intuitively reflects the current causes of faulty quality and the respective defective rates, providing enterprises with improved product quality and reduced defective losses. accurate basis.


6) Complete and standardized product traceability function, including the collection of processing information, quality information, material information, personnel information, equipment information and other status information during the execution of the plan, forming a complete product traceability chain; the system automatically establishes the "human, machine, material" , law, environment and testing” detailed product traceability files.


The development level of a strong country in intelligent manufacturing is related to the global status of my country's future manufacturing industry, and is of great significance to consolidating and strengthening the foundation of the real economy and accelerating the development of a modern industrial system. It can be seen from the application of SC laser uncoiling and blanking automatic production line that automation, digitization, and informatization bring great convenience to customer production. Promoting the manufacturing industry to accelerate digital transformation and intelligent transformation is both a general trend and a top priority.


In today's fiercely competitive market environment, companies need more efficient and precise production technology to enhance their competitiveness. The uncoiling laser blanking production line can help companies save costs, improve production efficiency, and improve product quality, thereby meeting market demand.


According to market surveys, the market demand for decoiling laser blanking production lines is growing day by day. It is not only used in the field of metal processing, but also gradually expanded to other fields, such as electronics, automobiles, aerospace and other fields. This trend is not only reflected in the domestic market, but also in the international market.


In short, as market demand continues to grow, the technology and application of laser uncoiling blanking production lines will continue to be innovated and improved. Enterprises need to pay attention to market trends and technological developments, and introduce uncoiled laser blanking production line technology in a timely manner to improve their production capabilities and competitiveness.



3. Technical highlights of laser coil cutting line

The Shenchong laser coil leveling line integrates multiple processes into one piece of equipment to achieve a high degree of automation: decoiler, leveler, laser cutting machine, palletizing robot, loading and unloading system and intelligent warehousing system.


The workflow is as follows:

Loading → Uncoiling by decoiler → Leveling by leveling machine → Feeding the rolled sheet into laser cutting machine → Efficient and precise laser cutting → Unloading → Manipulator robot palletizing → Scrap collection → Intelligent storage system


The entire process realizes fully automated and efficient production of automatic leveling, precise continuous feeding, and continuous and efficient cutting. Efficiency transcends traditional production methods. Save material and labor costs and improve production efficiency per unit time.


Technical features:

To sum up, the SC laser uncoiling and blanking automatic production line has the following characteristics:


- Run more efficiently

After being loaded through the SC automatic loading system, the coiled material is leveled and stress-relieved by a leveling machine and then continuously fed into the laser cutting machine for cutting. After cutting, waste materials are automatically collected and automatically palletized. No need to manually reload materials again and again.


- More flexible production

Trial production can save about 10% of materials. Mass production can save about 1.5%-5% of materials. When changing coils of different widths, materials and thicknesses, you only need to adjust the cutting parameters without having to replace or adjust any cutting tools, fixtures and other hardware mechanisms. You can quickly switch between different products.


- Shorten order cycle

In an environment of increasing global competition, what companies need most is flexible production and processing with reasonable cost of raw materials and timely supply. In this way, companies will have more opportunities to accumulate their own competitive advantages.


- Connect to smart factories

The SC sheet metal production line provides a common MES manufacturing execution system interface in the industry. Supports marking and scanning, and provides data information transmission such as equipment status monitoring, quality traceability, production progress tracking, production statistics, process transmission, and logistics distribution.


The advantages of laser uncoiling blanking production lines are high efficiency, precision and reliability. Compared with traditional mechanical cutting and stamping processes, uncoiled laser blanking technology is more flexible and can adapt to the processing needs of different materials and complex shapes. Moreover, the uncoiling laser blanking production line can also achieve rapid cutting and automatic feeding through automated control, improving production efficiency and reducing production costs.