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Introduction Of Front Feeding Guillotine Shear Explained

The CNC front feeding guillotine shearing machine is an upgraded version of the ordinary shearing machine, that is continuously optimized according to the actual shearing request from customers.

The CNC front feeding hydraulic guillotine shear adopts front positioning, feeding plate by servo motor, Compared with the rear positioning and manual feeding of ordinary hydraulic guillotine shear, which is with higher precision and better stability.

CNC Front Feeding Guillotine Shear

1. Main Features: Front Feeding Guillotine Shear

The main features of front feed hydraulic guillotine shear are: 

1) The frame is made of steel structural, which is tempered to eliminate internal stress, and has strong rigidity and good structural stability.

2) The knife beam is a steel structure, and under the action of the oil cylinder, the roller moves up and down to realize the shearing action.

3) The front feed uses imported precision gear racks, linear guides, and digital AC servo motors. The positioning is accurate, the running is fast and stable, and the front feeding table is arranged by steel balls and brushes.

4) The pressing mechanism is composed of a group of pressing oil cylinders, which are pressed against the spring force against the spring force under the action of the pressure oil. After the shearing is completed, it is reset by means of the spring force.

5) Use the world-class US FIRST valve block.

6) The hydraulic system has overload overflow safety protection, the oil level is clear and intuitive, and the machine can work continuously for 16 hours under the rated load. The hydraulic system guarantees no leakage and the processing is stable and high precision.

7) The CNC front-feeding hydraulic shear adopts the CNC controller DELEM DAC360 from Netherlands . It can realize automatic control of front feeding size, cutting angle, the blade gap and memorable cutting times. The automatic retreat function of the system avoids the friction between the sheet and the blade.

8) The electrical components are imported or joint ventures, which conform to international standards, are safe and reliable, and have strong anti-interference ability.

9) Standard four-sided segmentation blade.

10) The front feeding guillotine shear can be with rear unloading system, and stacked automatically. 

2. Advantages: Front Feeding Hydraulic Guillotine Shear

front feed hydraulic guillotine shear machine

The specific advantages of front feeding cnc shearing machine are:

1) The front feeding platform is integrated design with the shearing machine. The CNC control system can control the shearing angle, blade clearance and the front feeding size automatically. 

2) The rear finished material is conveyed by belt and stacked automatically, which will save the labor cost. 

3) The front positioning of CNC front feed hydraulic shear is by Servo motor, the  shearing plate accuracy is much higher than ordinary shearing method.

4) For plates with rough edges, in order to improve the shearing accuracy, we can program to cut off the rough edges first, then cut automatically. For cold-rolled sheets with a thickness of 2mm, the shear accuracy can reach ±0.03mm per meter.

5) The front feeding platform is with brushes and rolling balls, which will not scratch the surface of the product, can keep the product quality.

6) The CNC front-feeding guillotine plate shear is more suitable for large sheet size and mass production. For large-sized plates, if it is manual feeding, usually 2 operators are required for feeding plate. So the front feeding shearing machine can saves the workload of two people at one time.

7) Reduce labor intensity and save labor cost.

CNC front-feeding guillotine plate shear

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8) Safety protection

- Overrun protection, when the stroke reaches the limit, it will automatically stop moving to avoid collision.

- Self-diagnosis protection function, when software, system or electrical failure occurs, it will automatically alarm, reminding to check and eliminate.

Air pressure protection function, when the air pressure is too low, it will alarm and stop working to avoid damage to pneumatic components.

Voltage protection function, when the voltage fluctuation is too large, it will automatically alarm and stop working to avoid damage to the servo system and electricity.

At present, many companies consider the labor cost, more inclined to automatic production. The CNC front feeding guillotine shear can be equipped with automatic loading and unloading system, and can also be with an automatic palletizing system for rear-feeding, which can realize the automatic production in the later stage.

Some customers who cut thin plates and have requirements on precision and plate surface, Wuxi Shenchong front-feed shearing machine is the best choice, and it is more widely used in the sheet metal market.