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How To Select For Different Workpieces: Electric Panel Bender VS CNC Press Brake

We will focus on bending, parts, press brake, panel bender, CNC, flexibility, servo, operator and other related words to analyze how to choose? servo electric panel bender VS CNC press brake. For everyone's reference.


1. Bending and Folding: Servo Electric Panel Bender VS CNC Press Brake Machine

Servo Electric Panel Bender VS CNC Press Brake Machine

When it comes to the forming part of sheet metal processing, the first machine we think of is usually a CNC Press brake. This is a method of bending metal sheets into the final shape of the part.

And some customers may also come up with another feasible part forming solution: servo eletrical panel bending center. Panel bender and folding machines are the most popular names in the industry.

Generally, we call it the servo flexible bending center or panel bender. It can produce many geometric figures that are the same as the traditional press brake. Another advantage is that it makes some parts easier to produce because they all use standard tools.

The bending center of a general panel has a pair of blades that form a flange in the horizontal direction, and a set of edge pressing rings can stably grip the material. This design enables the bending center to produce parts more efficiently, and even to produce bends that originally needed special processing on CNC hydraulic press brake.

Like many manufacturing technologies, not every part is very suitable for servo electrical panel benders. Below, we will tell you which parts are suitable for panel bender bending. Which parts are better produced by CNC press brake? Help you decide whether to buy press brake or servo flexible bending center (electric panel bender VS CNC press brake)

2. How to choose bending equipment for workpieces with different shapes?

Servo Electric Panel Bender

- Box shaped workpiece

Those familiar with panel bender machines know that the servo flexible bending center has unparalleled speed in producing traditional box shaped parts. They can produce boxes, lids, and other similar shapes in a very fast and precise manner. Because the center of the hem is curved. The bender machine can bend the entire side of the box at once, and even easily handle the blue returning method on the box.

CNC press brake can also produce boxes, but this is usually a process with intensive operators. Throughout the entire production process, tool settings and part operations are complex and constantly repetitive.

The bending center generally only needs half the time of the press brake to process such parts, but there are some limitations. For example, it may be limited by the depth of the box. Due to the limited throat depth and opening height at the center of the panel bending. When the box depth is too high, we can only use the CNC press brake.

- Large wall panel bending

Servo flexible bending centers are often the ideal choice for large parts with different contours. Not necessarily because the parts are complex, but because the panel size is large. CNC press brake is used to bend large workpieces, which usually requires multiple operators or auxiliary cranes to support to complete forming.

At this point, the raw materials can be directly loaded onto the workbench using a electric panel bender and processed by a single operator in the smallest steps. The advantage of folding centers is that they can be easily highlighted on large panels, especially for sheet metal clamping that can be automatically set.

- Small and complex workpieces

Processing small parts with complex geometric structures on CNC press brake machine may pose some safety hazards. These small geometric shapes often force the operator to approach the tool with their fingers, creating safety hazards. When the panel bending center is used for machining such parts, there is no such threat.

When bending more complex geometric shapes, the semi-automatic bending center has more advantages. Because the operator can operate the parts during the process, this allows the machine to produce narrower workpieces.

- Internal bending

For internal bending, the center of the hem of the servo eletrical panel bender shows locality. The most common issue with the price of bending equipment lies in components similar to frames. There is internal bending in its geometric structure. Due to the position of the gripper and bending blade, these internal bends are usually difficult to generate on the panel bending machine.

In this case, the user has to choose to customize a high-end multi axis high-precision CNC press brake machine. At the same time, we have to say that a high-quality CNC press brake will be more excellent in terms of bending accuracy, speed and processing capability!