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How to Improve Rolling Machine Working Efficiency? 8 Aspects Analysis

1. How does a rolling machine work?

How does a rolling machine work

The plate rolling machine is a kind of equipment that uses work rolls to bend the sheet metal. It can form parts of different shapes such as cylindrical parts and tapered parts. It is a very important processing equipment.

The working principle of the plate rolling machine is to move the work roll through the action of hydraulic pressure, mechanical force and other external forces, so as to make the plate bend or roll into shape. According to the rotation movement and position changes of work rolls of different shapes, parts such as oval, arc, and cylindrical parts can be processed.

As the control system of the motor, the CNC rolling machine is generally used for the high protection and high safety functions of the circuit breaker, leakage protector, alarm device, remote control, signal line and other equipment in the power supply system.

The three-roller plate rolling machine is mainly used in the production of molds, the calendering of production and assembly products, and the various motor cables, metal hose joints, welding and other metal accessories in the mold assembly process.

The motion form of the CNC rolling machine can be divided into two types of motion: main motion and auxiliary motion.

 - The main motion refers to the rotation, rolling and other motions of the upper and lower spokes of the plate rolling machine to the processed plate, and the main motion completes the processing tasks of the plate rolling machine.

 - Auxiliary movement is the movement in the form of loading, unloading, lifting, tilting, and turning of the inverted head frame during the rolling process of the plate rolling machine.

2. How to improve rolling machine working efficiency?

3 or 4 Rolling Bending Machine

Wuxi Shenchong mainly by doing the following eight aspects for your reference:

1. When assembling the plate rolling machine, it is necessary to follow the principle of from inside to outside, first from bottom to top, and to concentrate on processing the assembly using the same tooling or the same orientation; in this process, it must be carried out strictly in accordance with the design drawing, in the size, specifications and other aspects must be strictly checked.

2. After turning on the power, carry out the movement of the lower roller in both positive and negative directions and the upper roller’s lifting movement to check whether each movement is abnormally stuck. When the main drive is stopped, the upper roller can be raised and lowered, the overturned bearing can be tilted and reset, and the upper roller can be tilted.

3. Operate strictly in accordance with the processing procedures and operating methods of the coil. When the upper roller is lifted to the limit position, pay great attention to the safe operation of the equipment. During the operation, all personnel must coordinate with each other, obey the instructions of the person in charge of the rolling plate, and do not start the machine without a password.

4. When lifting the steel plate or reel with a crane, be careful not to collide with the machine. After the coiling is completed, the finished materials should be cleaned up, and the equipment maintenance should be done, and the power supply should be turned off in time.

5. Before disassembling and assembling, confirm whether all the structures of the track and the operating platform are safe and reliable, and remove the relay, reliability indicator light and tires of the main power switch contactor.

6. Clean up the falling materials at the joints of the rolling machine regularly during work; clean up all components in time, especially the connecting places. Mechanics should add butter and oil to the parts in time, and regularly check whether there is any abnormal sound in each machine. If found, deal with it in time, check whether each part is missing regularly, and if it is found missing, make it up in time.

7. Regularly check whether the plate rolling machine and the connecting screws are loose and whether the belt tightness is normal; regularly check whether the plate rolling machine is deviated and whether the joint connection is intact, and it should be adjusted and repaired in time.

8. At night, the fire is not completely cleared and extinguished, and someone must be on duty to prevent the fire from igniting and destroying the equipment.

Above is our detailed analysis of rolling machine working efficiency from 8 aspects. Proper operation and maintenance of the rolling machine can greatly improve production efficiency!