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How To Choose Press Brake Bending Follow-up Model?

Press brake bending follow-up can quickly form a semi-automatic production mode. Save labor. Fast and flexible. Mass production.

When CNC press brake machines process large sheet metal parts during the working process, in order to prevent workpiece deformation and ensure machining accuracy, operators often need to manually cooperate with the support material. Sometimes relying on manual labor cannot achieve satisfactory results.


At this point, equipping your bending machine with a press brake follow-up will be very practical and efficient. The following is an introduction to the selection of press brake bending follower equipment.


1. How to choose the model of the bending follow-up support?

press brake bending follow-up support

The selection of the press brake follow-up mainly depends on the size and weight of the folded workpiece.

- When the length of the dimension is 2 meters, the weight of the bent short edge plate is equal to the thrust. When the weight of the plate is 100KG, the thrust is 1000KN- When the length of the dimension is 3 meters, the weight of the bent short edge is 100KG, and the thrust should be 1500KN.

- When bending the long edge, you need to see how wide the short edge is. If the long edge is 3M, the short edge is 1.5m, the plate thickness is 3MM, and the total weight of the workpiece is 106KG, then when bending the long edge, the thrust only needs to be 710KN. When bending the short edge, the thrust needs to be 159KN.

So when choosing a bending follower, the main consideration is how much thrust is required when bending the short side.


2. Advantages and characteristics of bending machine follow-up

Press Brake Servo Bending Follow-up

Sheet metal bending machine is a widely used bending equipment. With the development of technology, press brake machines have entered the era of numerical control. The demand for bending accuracy is increasing, and the functional components of bending machines are also becoming more diverse.


Powerful companies are increasingly emphasizing the development of various characteristic functional components and striving to improve the automation level of machine tools.


Currently, most factories manually lift materials. For ordinary small materials, only one person is needed to operate a bending machine. But for large sheet metal, it often takes 4-6 people to operate a bending machine. Extremely labor-intensive, the instability of manual support can easily cause product quality problems, which is not conducive to production control.


At this point, the bending machine follow-up device is very practical. Easy and fast operation. High machining accuracy. Reduce work intensity and improve work efficiency. The front support device of the CNC press brake machine can be manufactured and selected according to customer requirements, facilitating high-quality bending processing.


- Auxiliary support material saves labor

When bending large areas of sheet metal, it often takes 4-6 people to operate a bending machine. The use of a follow-up material support device can assist bending workers in making upward movements during the bending process, thereby saving labor.



- Support plate material to prevent deformation

When the sheet metal is bent, the movement trajectory of the support plate is consistent with the movement trajectory of the workpiece during the bending process, so that the sheet metal is always subjected to a supporting force, ensuring that the sheet metal does not deform.


3. Press brake bending follow-up application industry

Press Brake Bending Follow-up

There are already bending machines in the factory. At this time, semi-automatic production can be quickly formed by cooperating with independent press bending follow-up devices. Adding a set of magnetic grating ruler to the existing bending machine can obtain the positioning signal and complete the follow-up bending. It is simple, convenient and easy to operate.


The complexity of this device lies in the consistency between the trajectory of its support plate and the movement trajectory of the bending machine during the bending process. The trajectory is consistent and the speed is consistent. An independent CNC system achieves this function. Maintain a high degree of unity between the two.


At the same time, the requirements for the bending machine are not high for the follow-up support material. There is no need for separate renovations and upgrades. The scope of application is very wide, widely used in industries such as automobile manufacturing, medical equipment, metal doors and windows, metal furniture, household appliances, chassis and cabinets, advertising signs, elevator manufacturing, etc.


The press brake follower combined with the bending machine, can quickly form a semi-automatic system, saving labor while also allowing for fast and flexible sampling and batch production, achieving economic efficiency in production.