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How To Bend Electrical Cabinet Sheet Metal Parts?

In recent years, with the accelerated implementation of new infrastructure projects in various fields such as high-voltage power, charging stations, 5G networks, and data centers, the demand for the power industry has exploded, and electrical cabinets have ushered in a vast market. How to achieve efficient bending of electrical cabinet sheet metal parts?


1. Electrical cabinet sheet metal processing - "bottleneck process"

Electrical cabinet sheet metal processing

Electrical cabinets are made of sheet metal processing to protect the normal operation of components. In its sheet metal processing process, the bending process is often referred to as the "bottleneck process" due to its complexity, which affects the rhythm of the entire process. The quality of the bending process also directly affects the final size and appearance of the product.


Wuxi Shenchong CNC press brake machine can efficiently and high-quality process various shapes of sheet metal components, help eliminate "bottlenecks" in electrical cabinet manufacturing, improve quality and efficiency, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the electrical industry.


2. Efficient bending: intelligent and precise

Electrical Cabinet Sheet Metal Bending Parts

Some workpieces in the electrical cabinet sheet metal parts have larger dimensions and the bending process is relatively complex. For example, central cabinet side panels and panel type workpieces.

The  SHENCHONG bending machines can be designed with larger opening height, throat depth, and slider stroke, expanding the processing range and mold usage range, effectively meeting the bending and forming of large and complex workpieces.


The CNC hydraulic press brake machine is controlled through a CNC system, combined with compensation devices, grating rulers, high-precision rear gear, high-frequency control valves, etc., to further improve the bending accuracy.


It can continuously bend multiple batches of workpieces and ensure that the same batch of products have the same forming accuracy. Meet the high-precision batch processing needs of the electrical industry for cabinet sheet metal parts, facilitating subsequent welding, spraying, and assembly.


3. Energy saving, consumption reduction and environmental protection

WDK series electric hybrid servo press brake machine electrical cabinet sheet metal parts bending

With the goal of "double carbon", more carbon emissions are transferred from the end-use industry to the power industry. The pressure of carbon emission reduction in the power industry continues to increase.

WDK series hybrid press brake adopts servo motor as the main power source of hydraulic pump. It is not only high in precision, energy-saving and low in noise, but also more stable and reliable, and uses less oil, which is beneficial to manufacturing large-stroke ultra-high-speed bending machines.

In the production process, promote the carbon reduction and emission reduction of the equipment itself, save energy and reduce consumption, and help the electrical cabinet manufacturing industry to develop in an energy-saving and environmental-friendly way.


4. Robot bending unmanned operation

The electrical cabinet sheet metal parts bending process requires higher operational skills from employees compared to other sheet metal processing processes, and some workpieces are large and heavy in size. When folding the short edge, two workers need to lift the material to complete it. Time-consuming and labor-intensive.

The WDK series electric hybrid servo press brake machines reserved an automation interface, which can be connected with the bending robot arm. The manipulator can directly complete the automatic grabbing, centering, bending, turning, stacking and other processes.


No need for manual cooperation, achieving unmanned automatic bending operation. Robot bending of electrical cabinet sheet metal parts achieves unmanned and stable sheet metal bending process, improving cost-effectiveness and investment return rate.


The fully automatic flexible production line for chassis and cabinets is specialized in unmanned production of the main sheet metal parts of cabinets. It mainly consists of five parts: automatic laser cutting unit, punching composite unit, deburring unit, automatic bending unit, automatic welding unit, and raw material and semi-finished product storage logistics system. For unmanned production, it can be connected with the smart factory MES system, laying a solid foundation for enterprises to realize Industry 4.0.

fully automatic flexible production line for electrical cabinet sheet metal parts

Advantages of a fully automatic flexible production line for electrical cabinet sheet metal parts:

- Highly automated programs. No manual operation required.

- High work efficiency. Improve enterprise production efficiency.

- The production process of the entire process is stable. Improve product consistency.

- Suitable for mass production. Reduce production costs for enterprises.

We are devoted to develop automated sheet metal production technology, and the equipment has been widely used in the manufacturing and production of sheet metal stamping parts, precision machined parts, and stainless steel products such as elevators, cabinets, chassis, and racks.

Wuxi Shenchong will continue to provide reliable sheet metal forming solutions for electrical manufacturing and other industries, and promote the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing in the electrical industry. The flexible sheet metal production line for electrical cabinets is customized according to actual on-site needs, ensuring the highest flexibility, so that customers can get the most suitable solution.