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Hardware Industry CNC Servo Hybrid Press Brake WDK-250T/4000

This is a cnc servo hybrid press brake for hardware industry customer. It is packed well and ready for delivery in Shenchong press brake factory.

WDK CNC Servo Hybrid Press Brake Delivery

Hardware Industry CNC Press Brake Configurations:

- WDK Servo Hybrid Series

- 250Ton 4000mm

- 4+1 axis

- ESA S630 CNC controller

WDK CNC Servo Hybrid Press Brake 250Ton 4000mm

CNC Servo Hybrid Press Brake Advantages:

- Efficient: Efficiency increased by 30%~50%.

- Energy-saving: Energy saving increased by 28% to 54%.

- Accuracy: The Y-axis walking error is small, and the accuracy at any position is increased by an average of 5 times.

- Low noise: The noise is reduced by 10-12 dB, greatly optimizing the working environment.

- Environmental protection: Reduce hydraulic oil volume by 50%~80%.

- Temperature control: The oil temperature control is superior, which is conducive to the operation of the entire machine.