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The production and manufacturing of railway carriages is usually a complex process that requires multiple stages and different professional skills. The following is the general production process of railroad cars.
Sheet metal bending is a common process used to process various metal sheets, often used to make mechanical parts, spare parts and other metal products. How to judge whether sheet metal can be bent? How to judge whether the angle of the bent workpiece is qualified?
Uncoiling and Leveling Laser Cutting Line is a highly automated production line used for uncoiling, leveling and laser cutting of metal coils. This kind of production line is mainly used in the processing and manufacturing of metal sheets, such as construction, automobiles, home appliances and other industries.
What Is Laser Cutting? Laser cutting is a processing method that uses high power density laser as the heat source, and uses computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing technology to achieve surface melting, evaporation, or decomposition of the processed workpiece.
Carriage panel refers to the plate used for interior decoration and isolation of the carriage. So how is the carriage panel processed and manufactured? The manufacturing process mainly includes material preparation, cutting, finishing, forming, splicing and assembly, and surface treatment...
Intelligent robots have a variety of internal and external information sensors, such as vision, hearing, touch, and smell. In addition to having receptors, it also has effectors, which serve as means of acting on the surrounding environment. These are muscles, or self-stepping motors, which move hands, feet, long noses, antennae, etc.