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The laser uncoiling blanking production line is an efficient and accurate automated production line that has been favored by more and more manufacturing companies in recent years.
How to purchase appropriate pipe laser cutting machines? Usually when purchase pipe laser cutting machines, the corresponding power will be matched according to the material to be processed. Faced with the various specifications of power on the market, how should we choose the appropriate power?
Sheet metal structural parts are an important part of current host products and construction projects. They are entities with a certain shape and capable of bearing loads. It can be seen from the definition that bearing load is one of its basic properties. Therefore, sheet metal structural parts quality has an important impact on the performance and strength of the entire structure.
Sheet metal blanking is carried out according to the traditional stamping die processing method, not only the processing cycle will be long but the processing cost will be high. The sheet metal automated production studied in this article refers to the blanking part. It mainly analyzes and explains the aspects of blanking before programming, during programming, during production, and after production.
We will introduce a more intelligent bending equipment: a flexible bending center. The flexible bending center is a new generation of fully automatic multilateral bending centers, which is a new product for sheet metal bending to enter fully automated production.
Copper is a common metal with good conductivity and thermal conductivity. In addition, copper also has a high shear force. Copper plate shearing machines are widely used in the non-ferrous metal processing industry, steel industry, steel structure industry, building materials industry...