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Sheet metal laser drilling is a thermophysical process of interaction between laser and material. It is determined by the characteristics of the laser beam (including wavelength, pulse width, beam divergence angle, focusing state, etc.) and many thermophysical properties of the material.
Laser is a new energy source that can achieve processing methods such as welding and cutting, and is one of the most advanced manufacturing processes. The laser welding machine uses laser as the energy source and integrates multiple functions, with a wide range of applications.
Industrial automation is the trend of widely using automatic control and adjustment devices in industrial production to replace manual operation of machines and machine systems for processing and production.
The new servo hydraulic press is an energy-saving and efficient hydraulic press that uses a servo motor to drive the main transmission oil pump, reduce the control valve circuit, and control the hydraulic press slider. Suitable for stamping, die forging, press fitting, straightening and other processes.
CNC Punch Press Loading and Unloading System can not only improve production efficiency, but also replace workers to complete high-intensity and monotonous work, reduce workers' labor intensity and reduce production costs. Therefore, it has been trusted and concerned by manufacturers.
For enterprises or designers who have not used industrial robots, the industrial robots selection is a problem. Below, we will discuss how to choose a suitable industrial robot based on 9 professional industrial robot parameters.