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Cutting and Bending Flexible Manufacturing System for sheet metal is from raw material to finished product
When customers purchase press brake machine, they are often confused in whether to purchase a CNC press brake machine or a NC press brake machine. Both of the two types of press brake machines bend workpieces to different angles and shapes through different upper and lower toolings.
As an industrial equipment, when using the guillotine steel cutting machine for metal cutting, users need to pay attention to the operation specifications and safety issues. Improper operation is not only easy to cause huge shearing error and abnormal defective rate, but also can cause safety problems for operators.
Sheet metal machines purchasing is one of the most important thing when people build a factory. There are hundreds of different sheet metal machines that can help to process plates. This article will continue to introduce and updates different equipment for customers to quickly learn what they should buy.
Sheet metal stamping forming processes transform by stamping hot-rolled or cold-rolled steel sheets into the shapes needed to manufacture your components. Equipment used by this method requires less space, so if you have limited space, this type of fabrication may be better for you.
The hydraulic four-roller CNC rolling machine has advanced and reliable technical structure and sufficient rigidity. The W12 four roller bending machine is an important equipment in the production of the enterprise. It must be operated in the correct way during working process.