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Hydraulic shearing machine working principle is very simple. The hydraulic guillotine shearing machine, commonly known as "shearing machine", is a sheet cutting equipment and a common equipment for preparing materials. Its purpose is to cut the sheet into long blanks of the required width for processing.
And with modern conceptualized and realized technologies, industry 5.0 has emerged. With the support of intelligent devices and the continuous improvement of data processing and access capabilities, our factory will become more productive, efficient and energy-saving, and finally enter a new era!
The CNC press brake bending follower support device is used to lift the workpiece to be processed, and cooperate with the upper die slide block to bend the workpiece. Its application can greatly save manpower, improve the material support effect, make the sheet material evenly stressed, and ensure the processing quality of the bending workpiece.
Sheet metal welding robots can easily replace manual welding for perfect welding. They have a high degree of freedom and can be programmed freely to complete fully automated work, reducing the requirements for workers' operation technology and improving production efficiency.
Bending allowance can be used to calculate the unfolded length of a flat sheet metal, which for bending to be a specific radius and angle. The calculation takes into account the thickness of the sheet metal, the bending radius, the bending angle and other material properties (such as Y and K factors).
Robotic manipulator is the earliest industrial robot, replace people's heavy labor to realize the mechanization and automation of production.