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Coal Power Industry: Power Plant Equipment Manufacturing and Bending Processing

Coal power refers to the use of thermal steam generated during coal combustion to convert steam energy into electrical energy through power generation devices, including coal-fired boilers, steam turbines, and generators. The coal power industry requires a large amount of sheet metal processing equipment for equipment manufacturing and accessory renovation, such as bending machines, shearing machines, rolling machines, and so on.

1. Coal Power Industry Equipment Bending Processing

The coal power industry includes industries related to coal production, washing, processing, sales and transportation, and the use of coal power generation technology. When manufacturing related equipment and accessories in the coal power industry, various metal processing equipment is used, such as plate bending machines, plate shearing machines, plate rolling machines, and so on.

Recently, Wuxi Shenchong has sent a CNC press brake machine to Coal Power Company.

Coal Power Industry Press Brake Bending Process

Coal Power Industry Press Brake For Sale

- WEK electro-hydraulic

- 250Ton 3200mm

- ESA 630

- 4+1 axis

Bending refers to the process of metal sheet metal undergoing elastic deformation under the pressure of the upper or lower molds of the bending machine, and then entering plastic deformation.

At the beginning of plastic bending, the sheet metal is free to bend. As the upper or lower molds exert pressure on the sheet metal, the sheet metal gradually leans against the inner surface of the V-shaped groove of the lower mold. At the same time, the curvature radius and bending arm gradually decrease.

Continue to pressurize until the stroke ends, so that the upper and lower molds are in full contact with the plate at three points, and a V-shaped bending, commonly known as bending, is completed.

In the manufacturing of many power plant equipment, we need a press brake machine for bending processing to make the outer shell of the equipment.

2. What are the main components of the coal handling system in a power plant?

Coal Power Industry Power Plant Equipment Manufacturing

What are the components of the coal handling system in a power plant? What are the functions of each part?

The coal conveying system of the power plant is composed of several parts, including coal unloading equipment, conveying equipment, crushing and screening equipment, coal supply and distribution equipment, coal yard machinery, metering equipment, and auxiliary equipment.

The functions of each part are as follows:

1) Coal unloading equipment: used to unload coal transported by railway, highway, or waterway.

2) Conveying equipment: The coal unloaded by the coal unloading equipment is transported and lifted to the raw coal hopper of the boiler.

3) Crushing and screening equipment: Crushing and screening raw coal to ensure the supply of qualified raw coal to the boiler.

4) Coal blending equipment: Feed raw coal to the conveying equipment and use the conveying equipment to mix coal into the boiler raw coal hopper.

5) Coal yard machinery: Equipment used by coal storage yards to stack or retrieve coal, used to balance the unevenness of incoming coal and ensure the use of coal for boilers.

6) Measurement equipment: Supervise the quantity of incoming coal and measure the incoming coal.

7) Auxiliary equipment: Some equipment used to serve the coal conveying system and boiler pulverization system, including dust removal, ice shaking, iron removal, sawdust removal equipment, and baffles, such as air cannons, loosening machines, warehouse wall vibrators, etc.

3. Upgrading and Transformation of the Coal Electricity Industry

In order to achieve high-quality development and low-carbon transformation of coal-fired power, and promote the transformation and development of coal-fired power towards efficiency, cleanliness, low-carbon, and intelligence, in recent years, coal-fired power plants have implemented ultra-low pollutant emissions and energy-saving transformation to reduce coal consumption. In the later stage, we will continue to improve the efficiency of coal-fired power operation, reduce energy consumption, and reduce pollutant and carbon emissions through deep water-saving technology and other aspects. It plays an important role in achieving the major strategic goals of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality.

The flexibility transformation and heating transformation of coal-fired power plants, including combined energy storage and peak shaving, as well as coal saving and consumption reduction transformation and deep water-saving transformation, are market opportunities for industries such as power generation equipment, energy-saving equipment, energy storage equipment, and electrical appliances. These industries require a large amount of sheet metal processing equipment for equipment manufacturing and accessory renovation. Common processing equipment includes bending machines, shearing machines, rolling machines, and so on. In addition, in the mining machinery industry, many manufacturers also use bending machines for production and manufacturing.