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Comprehensive Analysis: Robotic Bending System [Composition & Advantages]

In sheet metal processing technology, bending is the most important forming method.

1. Robot Bending Introduction

Robotic Bending System Production Unit

The robotic bending system is mainly aimed at the flexible production of sheet metal parts, and can realize the mixed production of different sheet metal products. The system adopts a new production method.

Through the MES production management system for real-time production management and monitoring. The operator can realize 24-hour unmanned production as long as he completes the formulation of production tasks.

The advantages of the robotic bending system are reflected in three aspects: efficiency, safety and quality.

The first two aspects are obvious, and there are two reasons for the advantages in quality: one is that the positioning of the robot is precise and repeatable.

The other is that the good clamping effect eliminates wrinkles. This is because the worker has to hold the workpiece with both hands to follow the action, but the two hands must be in sequence. And the uneven force on the workpiece will cause wrinkles. Robots use jigs, so there are no wrinkles.

In addition, there are also many auxiliary equipment for press brake machines. For example, the following platform can replace people to complete the following action, and the feeding machine can automatically take a piece from a stack of steel plates and send it to the bending machine. But they have limited functionality and cannot be fully automated.

When the high-end cnc press brake machine has its own robot, some have a rectangular coordinate system robot, but it is not compact enough, and some also have a six-axis robot.

However, bending robots are generally served by general-purpose six-axis robots, which have advantages in cost and reliability over robots specially developed for bending press machines.

Moreover, when the robot is attached to the bending machine, it has a lot of working space that is blocked by the bending machine and cannot be used, and if the workpiece is too large, it is inconvenient to pick and place, and it may hit the press machine when turning the workpiece in the air. Since the bending robot is independent, there are no such problems.

2. Robotic Bending System Composition and Advantages

A robotic bending system generally includes:

CNC bending machine, robot and seventh-axis guide rail, feeding station, magnetic sheet separation device, pre-alignment positioning table, sheet turning mechanism, feeding gripper, finished product stacking, mold library, offline programming software , parametric programming software, bending software for secondary development, and extended services.

It can help sheet metal enterprises to solve the following problems:

- Solve the technical problems of customized production of sheet metal, and solve the problem of rapid switching production of multi-variety parts;

- Solve the problems of unstable product quality, low precision of parts and poor product consistency;

- Solve the problems of low production efficiency, unreasonable production layout and process route;

- Solve the problems of difficult recruitment, high labor costs, high labor intensity of manual bending, difficult management, and high hidden costs; robots can work 24 hours a day, work hard, be on call, safe, and low cost.

- The bending accuracy and automation degree have been improved, the enterprise's intelligent manufacturing ability has been improved, and the visual effect of customer visits has been improved.

- The workers who bend the workpiece will fluctuate with the workers' experience and emotional fluctuations. The robotic press brake machine has no emotions, no experience, and can guarantee the consistency of bending workpieces.

- Workers spend a lot of money, wages, insurance accidents, etc. Hidden costs like scrap, scrapped parts, etc. Like the bending machine, the robot press brake is a one-time investment, with low subsequent maintenance costs and low use costs.

3. Intelligence in Robotic Bending

Robotic Press Brake Bending System

The biggest feature of the system is its intelligence and flexibility. Intelligence is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

- Intelligent vision technology

Due to the use of intelligent vision technology, the precise positioning of the sheet metal bending is ensured, the design of the back gauge and positioning device of the bending machine is reduced, the cost of the bending machine is reduced, the system control and debugging are simplified, and the bending products are ensured. dimensional accuracy.

- Servo CNC press brake machine + robot external axis control system

The high-speed, high-precision and large angular motion range of the robot's external axis is very suitable for bending applications. The bending machine is driven by a servo motor, and the control of the bending machine is integrated on the robot controller. The system has a high degree of integration and can realize accurate bending path following after simple setting.

- Closed-loop precision control system

Through the closed-loop control system formed by the accurate sheet thickness measurement system and the bending servo system, the bending quality of the product is guaranteed.

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