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SC CNC Hydraulic Press Brake 320Ton 5000MM For Environmental Protection Equipment

1. SC WEK CNC Hydraulic Press Brake 320Ton 5000MM Machine Features

The whole CNC press brake machine is made of steel plate welding. Vibration is used to relieve stress after tempering. Good stability. The machine is sandblasted to remove rust and sprayed with anti-rust paint.

The frame is clamped and formed in one step by an imported CNC three-dimensional machining center to ensure the parallelism and verticality of each installation surface.

The main structure of the machine tool: wall panel, slider, workbench, hydraulic system, CNC system, backgauge device, mold, etc.


SC WEK CNC Hydraulic Press Brake 320Ton 5000MM 4+1Axis ESA S630 For environmental protection equipment manufacturing

2. SC Press Brake For Environmental Protection Equipment Manufacturing Configuration

- SC WEK electro-hydraulic series

- 320Ton 5000mm

- 4+1 Axis

- ESA S630 CNC system

3. Main Structure Of SC WEK CNC Hydraulic Press Brake 320Ton 5000MM

- Slider

Upward bending design. low noise. Working status is stable.

There is a pressure holding time at the bottom dead center. Programmable. Ensure the accuracy of different parts.

With the function of slow recovery control, the operator can better control the workpiece.


- Workbench

The workbench uses mechanical winding compensation to carry molds, tooling, and plates.


- Cylinder

The left and right cylinders are Y1 and Y2 respectively and can be programmed independently.

There is an adjustable holding time to the bottom dead center to ensure the accuracy of different products.

 WEK CNC Hydraulic Press Brake 320Ton 5000MM 4+1Axis

- Workpiece backgauge device

The X-axis controls front and rear. The R axis controls up and down. Suitable for producing multi-pass bending, high precision and fast speed.


- Hydraulic system

Fuel tank: Use a split fuel tank (with independent anti-shock buffer layer, better mute effect).

Hydraulic valve group, motor, oil pump system

Left and right cylinders, hydraulic valve group

Magnetic scale and computer


- Control System

The use of electro-hydraulic proportional valves enables the system to consume less energy during working intervals. The energy saving effect is excellent. Compared with ordinary machines, the energy saving rate reaches 30%. Noise is even more reduced. When the machine tool is running at high speed, the noise value does not exceed 70 decibels.

The distribution of oil is basically based on demand, with no throttling losses. Real energy savings can be achieved.

Use air cooling system. When the ambient temperature is 38°C, the continuous operating oil temperature does not exceed 50°C. Reduce the risk of oil leakage, increase stability, and extend the service life of the hydraulic system and cylinder.

The use of internal gear pumps reduces the dependence on the quality and stability of the hydraulic valve group on the machine tool. The machine tool works more stably and can be matched with robots for bending processing.

The position accuracy of the slider or the precision of the parts is high. After actual testing, the repeatable positioning accuracy of the slider is ±0.01mm, and the highest accuracy is ±0.005mm.


- Backgauge positioning system

Suitable for producing multi-pass bending and high-precision workpieces.

The X-axis of the backgauge is driven by ball screws and linear guide rails. Digital AC servo motor drive. The backgauge has a retreat control function.

The R-axis adopts high-precision gear and rack transmission. The transmission seat is integrally processed by five-axis CNC. Fast speed and high precision.

The rear gage beam adopts front and rear linear guide rails to improve accuracy and strength, and greatly enhance impact resistance.