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Points To Note: Plate Bending Rollers Buying Guide

What should pay attention to when buying plate bending rollers? At present, there are many brands of plate rolling machine, and the market of bending machine is mixed. Users must be very cautious when choosing bending rolls. When buying the bending roll machine, the professional bending roller manufacturer suggests that customers make more inquiries and compare.

As a special bending machine for production, customers often need to use it for several years or even more. If the purchase is not proper, it will cause many unnecessary troubles and even huge losses to the future production. The following reference opinions are provided.

1. The Quality of Plate Bending Rollers

4 Roller Plate Rolling Process

Quality is generally a point that most users pay attention to. Buying a high-quality plate rolling machine is not easy to break down in use. Users will feel more at ease. It is better to buy safe than to buy cheap.

To know the quality of the plate bending machine, we have to look at the weight and appearance.

- Weight:

The material and use of the machine frame and work roll are very important. Some cheap parts of the bending machine are made of plastic, but they are only painted on the surface. From the weight, we can determine whether the home-made machine is made of steel or scrap iron or plastic.

- Size:

The size of the plate bending rolls will affect the stability of the machine tool. The working pressure of the bending machine is very high. When rolling, the machine tool with poor structural performance will shake. This problem will affect the safety of personnel.

Users can also compare the quality of reducer and motor. Pay attention to whether the work roll is solid or hollow. Beacuse this relates to the durability of plate bending roller machine.

2. The Price of Rolling Machines

3 Roll and 4 Roll Plate Bending Rollers

CNC Plate Rolling Machine For Sale

Secondly, the price of plate bending rollers, which is a problem that every customer who buys machine will pay attention to. Before comparing prices, we must remind you that cheap goods are not good goods, and good goods are not cheap.

A good performance bending machine can be well integrated into the whole production process of the factory, and even form an assembly line. You can only carry out single processing with poor equipment. In addition, the poor bending machine is prone to insufficient pressure and damage the service life of the frame and parts.

There is also the problem of middlemen. If there are too many links in the middle, the price of the bending rolls will be higher. Therefore, when purchasing the rolling machine, you must find the manufacturer to sell it directly.

3. The Service of Bending Machine

Service is a point that many customers will ignore when purchasing equipment. If we don't pay enough attention to after-sales service, there will be a lot of trouble in the future. Customers who have experienced such problems will understand how important after-sales service is.

This is one of the reasons why many customers choose to buy locally. Many customers will repeatedly confirm whether the manufacturer has a distributor or office in the local area.

When the machine breaks down, all production links related to the machine may need to be suspended. Stop production means loss! Therefore, it is very important to have a perfect after-sales service team and network.

If there is a dealer in the local area, the manufacturer can quickly repair the plate bending roller and the customer can quickly resume production. Or it would be good if the manufacturer of the bending mechanism had professional engineers to provide remote guidance to customers. Therefore, it is the long-term consideration to value service.

4. To summary

Before purchasing a new plate rolling machine, the company must make a serious and responsible evaluation of its purchase.

- Before purchasing the plate bending machine, determine the material, thickness and width of the price plate and the minimum diameter of the rolling circle.

- In addition, pay attention to any special needs. For example, do you need to roll other profiles.

- Then we can collect quotations: compare quality, price and service.

- Finally, according to the specific situation, select the plate bending rollers with suitable cost performance.

Professional rolling machine manufacturers will discuss and quote according to your needs.

For example:

- What kind of plate do you want to roll

- What shape you want to process

- Labor cost

- Budgeted purchase cost of plate bending machine......

Wuxi Shenchong is willing to answer questions and provide detailed technical solutions for every customer purchasing equipment!

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