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How to Choose the Right Metal Cutting Shears: Ultimate Solution

First, let us distinguish between the four key types of blade shearing machines.

1. Flat Blade shearing machines which consist of two sets of parallel blades. This results in excellent shearing quality and small deformation but consumes a large amount of energy in the process.

2. Inclined (or bevelled) blade shearing machines have an upper and lower blade forming inclines between 1 – 6 degrees. It requires far less force. As a result, it is more power efficient.

3. Multi-purpose shearing machines combine functions, such as a sheet bending and shearing machine or a punching and shearing machine. This provides multiple functions within one machine.

4. Special Shearing Machines come in many different formats, each providing a particular speciality. These can vary from increasing speed to managing larger thicknesses or dealing with particular metals. As this category contains the largest variety of machines the blade selection here will vary the most.

Due to the differences in these machines, they will require slightly different blade types. As such, it is paramount that you first consider the needs of your specific machine type, before considering which metal cutting shear to purchase.

With model types accounted for, there are four key considerations to help you locate the best metal cutting shears for you—let’s dive in.

1. Sheet Metal Plate Specification

blade shearing machines

Simply put, what is the sheet metal plate that is to be cut with the shearing machine?

Of course, it’s important to consider the type of metal the shear will be cutting, with certain shears being better suited to harder or softer metals.

But beyond type, the thickness, width, and even patterning can have ramifications on the blade you should consider.

With these factors accounted for, you’re one step closer to choosing the best shears for you.

2. Metal Cutting Shears Processing Requirements


Next, you must factor in your specific needs. What degree of accuracy do you require? Are you looking for straight or curved cutting? And what amount of burr do you desire? Furthermore, do you require any specialised techniques, as presented by special plate shearing machines?

When paired with the information gained from the previous step, these four factors will reveal to you precisely what type of metal cutting shears you are looking for.

But the process of selection doesn't quite stop there.

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3. Price and Quality

Price and Quality

Both price and quality are measures of value. Cheap shears are, obviously, bound to be inferior to more expensive shears. Thus, balancing quality and price is incredibly important to ensure that your cost performance remains high.

4. Manufacturers and Services

Hand-in-hand with price and quality, comes the idea of reputed manufacturers and additional services. Selecting shears, or any product for that matter, from a reputed top rated manufacturer can often come at a slight premium turning away first-time buyers.

However, with this premium often comes with increased reliability and professional technical support and certain after-sales services. While these additional services should never be assumed such extras feed into the value of the metal cutting shears in the long run. Just make sure to check which after-sale services are available to you before you buy.

With all these factors in mind, you should be able to find the best metal cutting shears for sale which suit your needs. Whether you’re cutting thick cold rolled steel, delicate copper, or require that assurance of minimal burr, considering these four overarching steps to help you find the shears right for you

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