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Tips For Plate Rolling Machine Lubrication

Proper lubrication of the transmission parts and sliding surfaces of the plate rolling machine is a measure to reduce power consumption and improve the life of the machine. Therefore, the plate bending machine needs to select the correct lubricating oil and lubricating grease and establish the required lubrication system.

CNC plate bending machine has independent hydraulic system and electrical control system. Centralized control with buttons has two operation modes: inching and linkage. Its pressure and stroke can be adjusted within the specified range.


The structure of CNC plate rolling machine has the characteristics of small volume, low energy consumption and no noise. CNC plate roller bending machine is quick to load and unload. Easy to use. Simple operation. Good carrying capacity. Life is good. The winding speed is fast. Multi-purpose and many other advantages.


1. Plate Rolling Machine Lubrication Method

Plate Rolling Machine Lubrication

According to the working conditions of the plate rolling machine, box lubrication and regular oil lubrication are adopted respectively. The work roll bearings and sliding guide surfaces are lubricated with manual oil injection guns. The hydraulic transmission device adopts box lubrication.


Before each operation of the metal plate rolling machine, it is necessary to check whether each oil pool is short of oil. And add oil once with clean engine oil as shown in the lubrication diagram.


The rolling machine device that needs lubrication generally includes: the overturned side bearing sleeve, the overturned side copper sleeve embedded in the overturned side bearing sleeve, and so on.

2. Lubricant Selection

- Lithium based grease is used at each roller, bearing, and sliding guide plate.

- The hydraulic transmission device adopts hydraulic oil of the same model as the hydraulic system (32 # or 46 #).


3. Plate Rolling Machine Lubrication precautions

- The sliding guide surface of the frame can be refueled with a pressure oil gun once per shift.
- Fill all lubrication points with oil before each shift. Check whether the hydraulic oil in the tank is at the specified level.
- The oil of the hydraulic system should be changed once after 150 hours of operation. After that, the oil should be changed every 1500 hours or one year.
- After the machine has been in operation for 150 hours, the entire lubrication system should be cleaned once. If the machine is at continuous full load for a long time, clean it once every six months.
- When in use, install an oil filling cup on the side of the fixed side bearing seat. When lubricating oil is needed, use an oil gun to inject oil into the inside of the copper sleeve on the tipping side to lubricate the upper roller during the rolling process.

CNC Plate Bending Roller Machine

Wuxi Shenchong plate rolling machine manufacturer suggests users to refuel the oil cup lubrication and manual lubrication points as required. In the process of operation, if abnormal phenomena such as irregular noise and impact are found, stop the machine immediately for inspection.


After the power supply is turned on, the lower roller moves in both positive and negative directions and the upper roller moves up and down, and check whether there is any abnormal jamming phenomenon in each movement. Operate in strict accordance with the processing degree and operation method of coil plate.


Pay attention to the stable operation of the equipment when the upper roller is lifted to the limit position. When the main drive stops, the upper roller can be lifted, the reverse bearing can be reset and the upper roller can be tilted.

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