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Panel Bending Machine Operation Guide

Panel bending machine is a common metal sheet bending equipment, mainly used to fold the edges of metal sheets into a certain angle to enhance the stiffness and aesthetics of the material. During the use of the panel bending machine, it is necessary to strictly follow the operating procedures to ensure the safety of workers and the normal operation of the equipment.

1. Panel Bending Machine Inspection

panel bending machine

Before performing any operation, the operator mus inspect the panel bender machine. Ensure that the equipment is free from damaged and loose components such as bolts, wires, buttons, etc. If any problems are found, please promptly notify maintenance personnel for maintenance and repair.


2. Pre-work

Before using the panel bending machine, appropriate personal protective equipment must be worn, including wear-resistant gloves, earplugs, safety shoes, etc. Before operation, it is necessary to make some adjustments and settings based on the thickness and size of different material types, including adjusting the curling wheel, adjusting the cutting height and angle of the blade, etc.


3. Working procedures

3.1 Sheet Metal Panel Bender Operation

Operators must stand in a safe area and maintain a certain distance to avoid being hit by material splashes and moving equipment.


Slowly place the metal sheet on the edge roller, press the sheet down and start the rotation operation. The panel bending machine operation sequence should start from the end away from the body and roll towards the direction of the body


During the operation, it is necessary to ensure that the sheet is always in the correct position and to scan the material before placing it to see if there are any other objects buckled together with the sheet.


The operator must regularly check the normal operation of the machine, pay attention to the noise and vibration changes of the motor and conveyor belt, as well as the position of the curling wheel and blade.


3.2 Maintenance Operations

Before and after operation, the equipment must be properly cleaned and maintained. Use cleaning agents to clean the surface of the equipment, check if all components are securely fastened and installed, and pay attention to the heat dissipation status of the machine.


Maintenance personnel must pay attention to the moving parts and worn parts of the machine, and apply 2 appropriate lubricants for lubrication.


4. Safety tips

Except for qualified employees, no other personnel are allowed to operate the machine


Work or watch within the operating radius.


It is prohibited to place fingers or other binding objects close to the edge of the curling machine to avoid dangerous injuries such as pinching or cutting.


During the operation of the machine, it is prohibited to use any live tools or high-intensity lighting equipment to point towards the working area of the edge rolling machine.


During the operation of the equipment, the operator must pay attention to safety precautions throughout the entire process, such as not crossing the operating platform or passing through the rotating path of the machine. If it is necessary to adjust the materials, the operation of the equipment must be stopped first.


5. Automatic Panel Bending Center Operation

Pressure arm panel bending center

Automatic panel banding center is different from the traditional panel bender, which can automatically operation after feeding the sheet metal plate. The attention point to operate the automatic panel bending center:

A) Correctly programming: automatic CNC panel bending center is new generation panel bender type, which only need operator to program and feed the plate. In this case, program the data correctly affect the panel bending machine operation and bending precision.

B) Stay away from the machine during the bending process: Although automatic panel bending center with suction cup or pressure arm to hold the sheet metal plate, the operator still need to pay attention to avoid being hit by material splashes and moving workpiece.

6. Summary

The panel bending machine is a professional metal forming equipment. Before use, you must strictly follow the operating procedures and comply with all relevant safety requirements. During panel bending machine operation, operators must always pay attention to safety precautions to ensure the safety of workers and equipment