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CNC Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine Operation Process and Precautions

CNC Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine is a commonly used cutting machine in the industrial field. After booting up and entering the system during use, input the program to be processed into the CNC according to the task plan, and then try cutting the first piece. After passing the inspection, mass production can begin.

CNC laser cutter, also known as CNC cutting machine. There are strict operating procedures for the operator, environment, and machine settings during the operation process. Let's learn about the operation process of CNC sheet metal laser cutting machines and the precautions for using CNC cutting machines together.


1. Operation process of CNC shee metal laser cutting machine

CNC Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine Operation

Laser cutting machines are mechanical devices that use lasers to cut materials, and many of them are now very convenient for CNC operation. So how do I use a CNC plate laser cutting machine?


1) Power on

- Check if there are any obstacles on the workbench of the machine tool that affect the return of the X, Y, and Z axes to zero. If any, remove them.

- Prepare various gases required for cutting and adjust the pressure to the appropriate value as required. For example, the pressure of oxygen used for laser cutting should be adjusted between 0.4 and 0.5MP, and the pressure of nitrogen should be adjusted between 1.8 and 2.2MP.

Note: According to the thickness of the cut plate, the pressure needs to change. For thin plates, use low air pressure, while for thick plates, use high air pressure.

- Open the drain valve of the air compressor storage tank to drain all the sewage in the tank, and then close the drain valve to start the air compressor. The loading and unloading pressure of the air compressor should be set to 0.8MP and 1MP.

- Start the voltage regulator. Set the voltage stabilization value to 380~400V.

- Start the condenser. Function: Cool the gas generated by the air compressor, dry it and transport it to each reflector.

- Start the chiller and check if its water level and water pressure are normal. Turn on cooling water and room temperature water.

The cooling water pressure should be set to around 0.5MP. The upper limit temperature is set to 20 degrees.

The normal temperature water pressure is around 0.3MP. The upper limit temperature is set to 30 degrees in summer and 25 degrees in other seasons.

- Turn on the high-purity nitrogen input into the laser, with a pressure greater than 0.4MP. The pressure of high-purity carbon dioxide is greater than 0.4MP, and the pressure of high-purity helium is greater than 0.4MP.

- Start the cnc sheet metal laser cutting machine.

- Start the machine tool and enter the system. Release the emergency stop button and reset the alarm. Return to the machine tool reference point (SETZERO). Illuminate the CLC button. Turn on the laser start button (LASERON).

After observing the display of "HVREADY" on the laser cabinet panel, the high-voltage on button (HVON) on the CNC panel can be turned on.

- According to the task plan, input the program to be processed into CNC for processing and production.

CNC plate laser cutting machine

2) Production and processing process

- Determine the production plan according to the arrangement. Distribute processing drawings to the entire equipment operation team.

- According to the plan, the drawing personnel will analyze the drawings. Draw in CAD according to the drawing requirements.

- The quality inspector confirms the correctness of the drawings drawn by the drafter.

- Based on the prepared electronic drawings, the production supervisor calculates the processing completion time, prepares the materials required for processing, and uses laser cutting auxiliary gas.

- Programmers use programming software to compile files for CNC operation.

- Supervisors issue task orders to equipment operators

The content included in the task list is as follows: program name of the workpiece, material type, material thickness, maximum length and width of the workpiece to be processed, and the number of required workpieces.

- The first workpiece to be cut is sent to the quality inspector for inspection. Archive the first piece after confirming that the size is qualified.

- Start batch processing.

- Number the processed workpiece.


3) Shutdown

- Return the axis of the machine tool to the reference point position.

- Turn off the high-voltage button (HV ON).

- Turn off the laser working power (LASER OFF).

- Press the emergency stop button. Close the CNC panel. Cannot forcibly turn off the power supply of the CNC panel. Forced shutdown can easily cause system data loss.

- Cut off the power supply to the machine tool control cabinet.

- Stop the chiller and cut off its power supply.

- Cut off the power supply of the laser cutting electromechanical control cabinet.

- Stop the air compressor and cut off the power supply. (Normally turned on 24 hours a day)

- Stop the condenser and cut off the power supply. (Normally turned on 24 hours a day)

- Close all auxiliary gas valves.

- Clean the sheet metal laser cutting machine.


2. Operating procedures and precautions for Metal Plate CNC laser cutters

Metal Plate CNC laser cutters

During the operation of CNC sheet metal laser cutting machines, there are some operating procedures that need to be noted:

Metal plate laser cutting machine operators must undergo professional technical training, be familiar with the structure and performance of equipment, and master the operating system. Knowledge. After passing the qualification, you can work on the job. Unrelated personnel are prohibited from activities in the work area to avoid accidents.


The hazard level of lasers used in CNC sheet metal laser cutting machines is Class 4. Its direct radiation and diffuse reflection can cause damage to the skin, especially the eyes. In addition, there is a high voltage of up to 30KV required for laser operation in the laser. It is absolutely not allowed to touch any components in the high-voltage power supply before the power supply is cut off.

When performing maintenance on the inside of the laser, turn off the high voltage key switch and pull it out to lock the high voltage. In addition, be careful not to overhaul the laser cutting equipment alone.


The cnc sheet metal laser cutting machine should work in a clean room to avoid dust from entering.

Install an air conditioner for dehumidification in the room where the laser is located. It should be dehumidified for half an hour before starting the machine every day to prevent water vapor from condensing on the internal parts of the laser due to high humidity in the air, which will eventually make the machine unable to operate normally.

The working environment of the machine must be kept clean. The ambient temperature should be kept at 15~25°C, not higher than the cooling water temperature of the machine by more than 5°C.

When the cooling water temperature of the machine alarms, it needs to be shut down for a period of time. After the temperature returns to normal, it can be turned on.

Power grid fluctuations should be less than 10%. The equipment requires good grounding.

Also, don't turn on and off frequently. Wait at least 3 minutes after shutting down before turning it on.


Lasers require high-purity ammonia, helium, and carbon dioxide. Gas purity must reach 99.999%. If the purity does not meet the requirements, the life of the laser will be reduced and the lens will be easily damaged. Gas purity can be verified by trial. If it is found that the wire drawing condition in the light tube is serious, it means that the gas purity does not meet the requirements.


It is not allowed to use or store flammable and explosive dangerous goods around the machine, including containers and pipelines produced by flammable and explosive gases. Fire extinguishers are required to be placed on the processing site. Turn off the laser or shutter when not processing. Do not place paper, cloth, or other flammable objects near unshielded laser beams. Workpieces, plates, and waste are sorted and stacked neatly.


The pressure of the chiller should be adjusted to 3.5~4.0Kg. Too little pressure will cause the laser to alarm. Excessive pressure can easily cause the water pipe to burst.


The krypton lamp and xenon lamp used in the machine have a certain service life. If the light is weak or dark during use, it should be replaced in time to avoid frying the lamp.


Before the sheet laser cutting machine is powered on, check whether there are obstacles around the machine and the working area of the workbench. Whether all air sources, water sources, and power sources are in normal working condition. Then start the machine according to the order required by the regulations.


When using gas cylinders, avoid crushing wires and pipelines. The use and transportation of gas cylinders shall comply with the gas cylinder supervision regulations and the usage specifications of gas cylinders in the factory. It is forbidden to expose the cylinder to the sun or close to the heat source. When opening the bottle valve, the operator must stand on the side of the bottle mouth.


Do not use corrosive reagents to clean the parts of the machine. Clean the optical components regularly according to the operating procedures.


When an alarm occurs during program operation, try to use the pause key to stop the operation, and then perform corresponding operations. The emergency stop button should be avoided as much as possible. After inputting the new workpiece program, it should be trial run first and check its running condition.


When the machine is running, the operator shall not leave the post without authorization or do irrelevant things. When an abnormality is found during processing, stop the machine immediately, troubleshoot or notify the production department in time.


Processing beyond the scope is strictly prohibited. The processing range of CNC sheet metal laser cutting machine should be determined in advance.


Laser operation and regular maintenance. It should be carried out in strict accordance with the instruction manual, operation guide and maintenance manual provided by the machine tool manufacturer.


The safe operation and maintenance of the CNC laser cutting machine must be carried out in strict accordance with the laser cutting machine user manual (mechanical part and electrical part) provided by the machine tool manufacturer.

After the work is completed, the machine should be shut down according to the shutdown order required by the regulations. Cut off the power before leaving.

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