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Nickel Plate Automatic Shearing Unit: High Speed & High Precision

As an additive in the smelting industry, nickel plate's cutting efficiency greatly affects production capacity. Wuxi Shenchong nickel plate automatic shearing unit can effectively improve the shearing efficiency of nickel plates.

1. Use of nickel plate

nickel plate automatic high-speed shearing unit

Nickel plates are extracted from nickel ore through electrolysis, with a purity generally as high as 99% -99.99%. Nickel is a metallic element with ferromagnetism. It is highly polished and corrosion-resistant.


Mainly used in the manufacturing of alloys (such as nickel steel and nickel silver) and as catalysts (such as Raney nickel, especially as a catalyst for hydrogenation), it can also be used to manufacture currency, and so on. Nickel plating on other metals can prevent rusting.


Nickel is widely used to manufacture various types of stainless steel, soft magnetic alloys, and alloy structural steels. Adding nickel to steel can improve mechanical strength. With the increasing demand for nickel plates, fully automatic nickel plate shearing units are attracting more and more attention.


2. Nickel plate automatic shearing unit

automated nickel plate shear production

Nickel precious metal materials are relatively expensive, and the weight loss, cutting surface quality, roughness, etc. generated by cutting are closely related to the cost. The use of high-precision and high-speed shear equipment for processing can greatly reduce costs.


SHENCHONG nickel plate automatic high-speed shearing unit mainly processes nickel plates with a size of about 1.2m * 1.2m. The high-speed and high-precision CNC shearing machine cuts the nickel plate into 120MM * 120MM small pieces.


Due to the uneven thickness of the nickel plate, it is 3-8mm thick at the edges and 12-20mm thick in the middle. And the surface is rough and not smooth. The Shenchong nickel plate fully automatic high-speed shear production line is a specialized production line developed and manufactured specifically for nickel plate cutting.

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3. Characteristics of automated nickel plate shear production

The nickel plate automated shearing unit can achieve automatic feeding, automatic cutting, and anti twisting device of the first CNC plate shearing machine. Then use the leveling machine to level the strip material.


Use a rotating rolling device to deliver the strips separately to the second front feeding guillotine shear. The rotating rolling device moves synchronously with the front feeding shearing machine. Mutual non-interference. The shearing machine can cut block materials, automatically weigh, and automatically discharge and box materials.

The nickel plate automatic shearing unit is an unmanned automatic production line. High production efficiency. Connected to AGV vehicles and nickel sheet material warehouses, automatic detection and production can be achieved. Thus, key production scenarios are presented on the central control management screen. The equipment has a self checking fault alarm function, which can connect with the company's MES and ERP systems to achieve unmanned chemical plants throughout the entire line.


4. Automatic shearing of special plates: cobalt, nickel, copper

Automatic shearing unit of special plates

Cobalt plate, nickel plate, and copper plate are used as casting plates, and the cutting process in the production process often causes headaches for enterprise production managers. Both the CNC shearing machine and CNC punching machine are designed for traditional cold and hot rolled plates. The above-mentioned special plates are not suitable for traditional cutting or punching due to their uneven surface.

When shearing cobalt, nickel, and copper plates with shearing machines and CNC punching, problems such as high failure rate, insufficient reliability, and low production efficiency are prone to occur. In response to customer needs, the fully automatic shearing unit developed by Wuxi Shenchong can effectively solve the above problems. Welcome to inquire!