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When process large sheet metal parts, to prevent workpiece deformation and ensure machining accuracy, often need to manually cooperate with the support material. Sometimes relying on manual labor cannot achieve satisfactory results. At this point, equipping your machine with a press brake bending follow-up will be very practical and efficient. The following is an introduction to the selection of bending follower.
Robot external axis is widely used, however, do you know which industries it is mainly used in? Here is a brief introduction for you...
With the rapid increase in labor costs in recent years, the original production model is bound to squeeze out the profit space of enterprises, resulting in problems such as layoffs and labor shortages. So how to quickly and efficiently respond to market demand while reducing labor costs? This article analyzes through some sheet metal equipment automation solutions.
What are the cutting advantages of tube & pipe laser cutting machines? With the development of laser cutting technology, the application range of laser cutting machines is becoming more and more extensive.
Laser welding is an efficient and precise welding method that utilizes a high-energy density laser beam as a heat source. Common 10 Laser Welding Problems and Solutions Analysis......
Nickel is widely used to manufacture various types of stainless steel, soft magnetic alloys, and alloy structural steels.As an additive in the smelting industry, nickel plate's cutting efficiency greatly affects production capacity. Shenchong nickel plate automatic shearing unit can effectively improve the shear efficiency of nickel plates.