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Mining equipment manufacturing belongs to the heavy industry and engineering machinery manufacturing industries. The plates used in the manufacturing of large equipment are relatively large and thick. Manufacturers need to customize large press brake machines and plate rolling machines according to the plates to process the shells or components of mining equipment.
This equipment is a upper roller universal three roll bending machine, which is used to bend metal plates of a certain thickness into cylindrical, arc-shaped or certain taper parts at room temperature.
Guillotine Shear Controller ELGO P40 is 1 or 2 axes position controller control system for sheet metal machines. It has one or two axis version by LCD display. It has the advantages of easy handling, multi-lingual menu navigation, option PID analog output available, reference run, and manual, single program mode.
After the 20th century, stamping equipment and cold stamping molds gradually became applied in the field of sheet metal processing. In the 1980s, sheet metal CNC machining began to emerge and gradually developed along the direction of mechanization, semi automation, automation, and intelligence.The
Aluminum veneer refers to a building decoration material that is processed using fluorocarbon spraying technology after chromation and other treatments. After aluminum veneer forming and spraying, it can be used in various industries.
Industrial production line automation can not only liberate people from heavy physical labor, some mental labor, and harsh and dangerous working environments. Moreover, it can expand human organ functions, greatly improve labor productivity, and enhance human beings' ability to understand and transform the world...