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When the sheet metal rolled on a rounding machine, there are always remaining straight edges at both ends. So how is the straight edge of a curled circle formed? What problems will it cause? How to solve and deal with the problem of plate rolling straight edges?
Double row sheet metal storage system is an efficient storage system with characteristics such as precise positioning, stable operation, and fast and flexible operation. These characteristics undoubtedly make the double row sheet metal storage system unique in the field of warehousing.
Aluminum veneer refers to a building decoration material that is processed by chromium treatment and then using fluorocarbon spraying technology. The production of aluminum veneer is divided into two major steps: sheet metal processing and spraying.
Laser tube cutting technology is an efficient and automated process that has been widely used in the construction industry. This technology is suitable for cutting various metal pipes, including galvanized steel pipes and stainless steel pipes. High precision, efficiency and flexibility are the biggest advantages of laser tube cutting technology.
Industrial production automation is the widespread use of various automatic control, automatic detection and automatic adjustment devices in industrial production to automatically measure, inspect, calculate, control, monitor, etc. the production process to replace humans in manipulating machinery and equipment.
Press brake are widely used in various production fields. How to run a brake press correctly is what we must learn.