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8 Industry Applications of Laser Cutting Machines

Do you know laser cutting machine? With the development of laser cutting technology, the application field of laser cutting is more and more extensive, and there are more and more suitable materials.

Many people often ask a question: “what is the use of laser cutting machine?” At first glance, laser seems very far away from our daily life. But careful observation will find that laser can be seen everywhere in our life. Even everywhere!

Laser cutting machine is also widely used, especially in industrial manufacturing. For most metal materials, no matter how hard they are, they can be cut perfectly and quickly. What industries can laser cutting machines be used in? Come on, let’s have a look!

1. Sheet Metal Processing Industry

Laser cutting sheet metal production line

Laser cutting is a great change in sheet metal processing. Due to its high flexibility, fast cutting speed, high cutting efficiency and short product working cycle, laser cutting has immediately become a favorite in the sheet metal processing industry.

Laser cutting has no cutting force, no deformation and no tool wear. No matter what part it is, it can be cut by laser fine rapid prototyping at one time.

In addition, the cutting seam of laser cutting is often narrow, with good cutting quality, high automation level, low labor intensity and no pollution.

When processing accessory cabinets and filing cabinets, it is often the standardized production of thin plates. Therefore, using laser cutting machine for cutting processing is more efficient and faster to complete the requirements of cutting processing. If it is non standardized production, let’s take it another matter and reconsider it.

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2. Agricultural Machinery Industry

Agricultural Machinery Industry

The advanced laser processing technology, drawing system and numerical control technology in laser cutting machine are widely used in the processing and manufacturing of agricultural machinery products.

It speeds up the manufacturing development of agricultural machinery products and improves the economic benefits. The production cost of agricultural machinery products is reduced.

3. Advertising Production Industry

Advertising Production Industry

In the advertising industry, more metal materials are used. The traditional advertising material processing equipment in the processing of advertising fonts and other materials, the accuracy and cutting surface are not ideal. As a result, the rework rate is terrifyingly high! This not only wastes a lot of cost, but also greatly reduces work efficiency.

If laser cutting machine equipment is used to process advertising materials, it can not only effectively solve the above series of problems, but also perfectly present the effect of advertising materials.

It can also greatly improve the production and processing efficiency and realize real low investment and high return.

In addition, laser cutting equipment can also process some complex graphics. Expanding the product business scope of advertising companies has significantly increased the additional profits of small enterprises.

4. Garment Manufacturing Industry

In the future, the garment industry will be an important downstream market for the promotion and development of laser cutting equipment.

Although, at present, most of the garment industry still adopts the manual cutting mode. Only a few high-end factories use computer-controlled mechanical cutting machines for automatic cutting.

However, the proportion of automatic laser cutting equipment in the garment industry will undoubtedly become larger and larger, and effectively increase the efficiency of garment production.

5. Kitchenware Manufacturing Industry

Kitchenware Manufacturing Industry

In the kitchenware processing industry, a large number of sheet metal materials are usually used in range hoods and gas appliances.

When these metal panels are processed by traditional processing methods, the work efficiency is often low, the mold consumption is large, and the use cost is high.

It not only consumes a lot of human, material and financial resources, but also restricts the development of new products.

The laser cutting machine can avoid these headaches. When processing kitchen utensils, the cutting speed of laser processing equipment is extremely fast and the precision is extremely high.

It not only greatly improves the production and processing efficiency, but also effectively improves the yield of range hoods and burning appliances.

In addition, the laser cutting machine is also more suitable for cutting thin-plate stainless steel, which can better realize the development of customized and personalized products, and is well suited for the kitchen utensil production industry.

6. Automobile Industry

Automobile Industry

In the automotive industry, some accessories, such as car doors and exhaust pipes, will leave some redundant corners or burrs after processing. In such cases, if manual or traditional processing adopted, it is difficult to ensure accuracy and efficiency. If the laser cutting machine is used for processing, the problems of corners and burrs can be easily solved in batches.

As one of the most intelligent industries at present, automobile manufacturing has integrated a variety of production processes, and laser, as one of the most important technologies, has achieved up to 70% of the intelligent production of accessories.

7. Fitness Equipment

The fitness equipment used in gym and square are basically made of pipe materials. Using pipe laser cutting machine can cut and process corresponding pipes more conveniently and quickly, and complete the production and assembly of fitness equipment.

8. Aerospace


Laser manufacturing technology is an important part of aerospace manufacturing technology. At present, laser cutting technology has been widely used in accessories and components of aircraft, aerospace rockets and so on.

Laser cutting machine has the advantages of wide cutting range, high speed, narrow cutting seam, good cutting quality, small heat affected zone, good processing flexibility and so on.

Laser Cuttin Flexible Line

It has lots of applications, including automobile manufacturing, kitchenware industry, sheet metal processing, advertising industry, machinery manufacturing, chassis and cabinet, elevator manufacturing, fitness equipment and other industries.

Different laser cutting machine manufacturers produce different types of laser cutting machines, so you should choose carefully! About the laser cutting automatic production line, welcome to consult us!