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The Latest Operation Guide: Hydraulic Brake Press (Update 2023)

Hydraulic press brake is a very common equipment in sheet metal processing plants.It is a kind of equipment for bending thin plates, which is suitable for socialized, large-scale and professional production and processing.

The safe operation of bending machines has always been a hot issue. How to use it safely? Read on and you’ll find the answer.

The operation steps of the whole hydraulic press brake machine for sale are divided into three stages:

– Start operation

– During operation

– Stop working

Below, we will detailed analyze how to safely use hydraulic sheet metal bending machines from these 3 aspects.

1. Precautions before start working

Hydraulic Brake Press Operation

Start the hydraulic brake press:

– First, add oil according to the lubrication chart.

– Check the oil way, oil cup and oil quantity.

– Whether the oil quality is good and the oil line is unblocked.

Condition of each part:

– Whether the upper and lower die are in the specified position.

– Whether the oil pump motor is running normally.

After starting the oil pump:

– Idle run for 3-5 minutes, confirm the working state of the equipment.

– When everything is well, operators can start the bending work.

2. Tips during operation

Hydraulic Brake Press Machine

Placement of work piece:

– The pressed sheet metal needs to be placed in the middle of the upper and lower die and parallel to it.

– The work piece must be placed stably.

– When correcting or pressing the work piece, the operator should place the work piece in the middle of the mold, and bias is not allowed.

Hydraulic system:

– It is necessary to check whether the stroke of the two cylinders is consistent. In case of any problems, please adjust or repair it in time.

– When the oil cylinder piston vibrates or the oil pump makes noise, the air in the oil circuit needed to be discharged.

– Always pay attention to the oil tank and observe whether the oil level is suitable.

– If the oil level is too high, check the oil return pipeline and adjust the oil return valve.

– Do not overflow the tank. Keep the working oil temperature ≤ 45 ℃.

– When the control valve and safety valve fail or the safety protection device is not perfect, do not continue to work.

– When regulating the valve and pressure gauge, it is strictly forbidden for others to adjust randomly. The operator must fasten it after adjustment.

– If the working pressure is too high, check and adjust the oil return valve. Only after the fault is eliminated can the work be carried out.

– The oil pump must be shut down to ensure safety during mold adjustment or maintenance.

Personal safety:

– During the working process of the bending machine, it is strictly forbidden to repair or adjust the mold.

– When bending long or large work pieces, more than two people are need to work together.

– Avoid toppling due to deformation of work piece.

– Workers are not allowed to support the pressed work piece at close distance.

– The upper die should be slowly close to the work piece to prevent from bursting out under stress.

– Strictly forbidden for the upper die to exceed the maximum stroke.

– During the process, don’t reach into the middle of the upper and lower molds.

– Check the travel switch and safety protection device regularly to ensure the reliability of the hydraulic brake press.

– When the crane is used to lift large work pieces, worker shall implement the safety technical operation procedures for crane operation and ground operation, and provide close cooperation.

3. Precautions when stop working

When turning off the machine, the mold should be closed.

Turn off the CNC hydraulic brake press as follows:

– First, stop the working oil pump.

– Then, exit the control system program and turn off the control power supply.

– Finally, cut off the main power supply.

After finishing, clean the machine tool and place the work piece in the designated place.

Hydraulic Brake Press Buying Guide

Press brake safety is the top priority. Be careful! Please work in strict accordance with the safety operation rules of hydraulic brake press bending machine.

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