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Basic Knowledge Of Profile Roll Bending Machine

The profile roll bending machine is an advanced machine for bending aluminum alloy profiles, flat bars, square bars, round bars, angle bars, I-beams, H-beams, square tubes, rectangular tubes, circular tubes, and other profiles.

It is divided into two types: horizontal and vertical. According to different shaft arrangements, it can also be divided into up adjustment and down adjustment. It can customize different molds according to user requirements. All 4 rollers are active rollers and are driven by 4 independent hydraulic motors. Fast rolling speed and high accuracy.


1. What is a profile roll bending machine?

profile rolling machines bending roll process

Profile rolling machine is also known as profile bending machine or flange forming machine. This is the process of rolling various types of steel (profiles) such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals into diameters φ 320- φ A high-quality and cost-effective circular device with a diameter of 6000mm in the form of a circular or spiral shape.


The profile roll bending machine can bend circular pipes, square pipes, elliptical pipes, zigzag steel, C-shaped double membrane framework and other greenhouse pipes, furniture steel pipes, hanging baskets, iron art and other steel pipes by changing the mold. One machine can be used multiple times.


The profile bending machine is controlled by PLC, fed by a frequency converter motor, and fed by a servo motor for bending. Prefabricated settings with various different bending curves. Subtitle digital display. You can choose any manual or semi-automatic operation mode.


The application of profile rolling machine replaces the complex processes of steel plate cutting, docking, calibration, and lathe processing, and saves production costs. It is an advanced equipment for manufacturing flanges.

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2. The purpose of the profile bending machines

horizontal profile bending machine

Profile bending machine is a relatively advanced profile forming equipment in the 21st century, widely used in the production of various circular flanges in industries such as automobiles, elevators, petroleum, chemicals, steel structures, mechanical manufacturing, and other industries.


CNC profile roll bending machine is a machine used for cold bending profiles of different shapes and sizes. The important part of this machine is the hydraulic roller. They apply combined forces to the profiles and ultimately shape them to the target state. Usually, this machine is used in the field of metal processing for bending profiles such as pipes, bars, angles, "T", "U", and beams.


3. Characteristics of profile rolling machines

The profile roll bending machine can complete the pre bending, rounding, and calibration processes of profiles in one feeding process. The profile bending machine has advanced structure and comprehensive functions, and can be placed vertically or horizontally according to the user's usage situation.

profile rolling machine for sale

1) What are the characteristics of the profile rolling machinery?

- Small size, low energy consumption, and high efficiency.

- Easy to install and operate.

- Strong load-bearing capacity and long service life.

- Fast rounding speed and reliable product quality.

The curved downward profile bending machine can complete the pre bending, rounding, and calibration processes of the profile in one feeding operation.

2) Profile Bending Machines Development Trend

The two lower rollers of the machine are the main driving rollers, and three working rollers can also be the main driving rollers. The position of the upper roller is fixed. Two edge rollers move in an arc around a fixed rotation center for lifting and lowering.


Hydraulic control. Displacement LCD display with a display accuracy of ± 0.1mm is beneficial for controlling the profile forming process. There are roller devices on both sides, which is conducive to ensuring the rolling quality of asymmetric cross-section profiles. This machine has advanced structure and full functionality.


With the rapid development of profile roll bending machines, the development direction of profile bending machines is gradually moving towards CNC and high-end. These profile bending machines require the use of a large number of PLCs and motion controllers to gradually replace relays or mechanical control.

profile roll bending machine photo

The intelligence level of the profile bender machine industry characterizes its breadth and depth of application. At present, the profile rolling machine for sale is only in a relatively low level of primary intelligence stage. The continuous development of the profile roller bending equipment industry has put forward high requirements for intelligence, which means that we need and have the ability to vigorously develop advanced intelligent profile bending machine technology based on specific application needs.