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What is Flexibility of Sheet Metal Automatic Manufacturing? [Full Guide]

In the field of sheet metal automatic manufacturing, people often use the word “flexible”. Everyone should have heard of “flexible robots”, “flexible manufacturing” , “flexible lines” and even “flexible factory”.

So what is flexibility? How can the manufacturing and processing of sheet metal become flexible? What’s the point of being flexible?

1. What is sheet metal flexible manufacturing and production?

sheet metal flexible manufacturing and production

Definition of flexible in automatic manufacturing

– The general definition of flexibility: respond to changes; adaptability.

In fact, the flexibility in sheet metal automation is mainly to enable your production process to adapt to different options.

Flexibility VS Rigidity

The best way to highlight flexibility is to describe its opposite rigidity.

– Rigid manufacturing process: in a given operation, a single product is repeatedly produced.

If the process needs to be modified, it can’t adapt quickly. In most cases, when it is necessary to produce another product, the rigid process has to be completely changed.

2. How to make sheet metal manufacturing flexible?

Flexibility has always been a major direction of sheet metal manufacturing industry.

1) First of all, in the fabrication, the most flexible method is to use the unit or modular processing mode.

Such as: robot bending unit, laser cutting unit, etc. By doing so, you can “select and place” a cell and leave the rest of the current part unchanged.

No matter how to change and adjust, each production module does not affect and interfere with each other.

2) Secondly, it is very important to use a fast and effective transformation method.

For the application of bending robots, we need to quickly complete the programming steps in order to put into automatic manufacturing production in time.

For other applications, do offline programming or emulation to reduce downtime.

3) The last point is to use adaptive tools.

When purchase new tools, please consider flexibility in case production needs to be changed.

Maybe, a four axis robot can complete the work for you at this stage, but will you need to add multi axis in a year?

The enterprise should develop long-term automatic manufacturing production plan, consider future expand and development, then find the most flexible choice for sheet metal manufacturing process.

3. What’s the point of flexibility?

Why use automatic sheet metal manufacturing?

Professional CNC machine tool and automation equipment manufacturers believe that sheet metal processing automation is the main trend of the industry in the future.

Compared with the enterprises with high degree of automation and informatization, traditional sheet metal processing enterprises:

The traditional processing and management mode has many obvious backwardness. For example: time-consuming, laborious, prone to safety accidents, low utilization of raw materials, slow production speed and a series of problems.

Flexibility aims to save time and money. The use of flexible sheet metal automated manufacturing is a wise choice to improve productivity.

Through the use of adaptive tools and automatic equipment, such as: robot manipulators, automatic loading and unloading systems, intelligent material warehouse, etc.

Even if the initial investment seems a little higher, the return is certainly worth it. Moreover, the user’s revenue will grow rapidly over time.

According to the latest data, sheet metal automatic manufacturing and processing has the following characteristics and advantages:

– Closed loop control of automatic production

– Production equipment is easier to maintain

– The operation automation of the whole production line is high

– Greatly improve the safety and reliability of the whole production

– Management of advanced sheet metal processing and processing personnel

Sheet metal flexible production: more efficient manufacturing and production

Flexible production line makes your industry automatic, which is a multi-functional technology suitable for all kinds of manufacturing processes.

Automatic manufacturing production improves productivity in value chain

In fact, making sheet metal manufacturing automation is not as difficult as users imagine.

In short, the benefits of automation: more accurate, better quality, higher production efficiency and lower cost.

More importantly, full automatic manufacturing provides you with the flexibility to quickly respond to today’s rapidly changing and increasingly competitive market, so that you can maintain a leading position.

Increase productivity throughout the whole value chain

Add value to your entire manufacturing process with automated sheet metal processing solutions.

Automated production equipment improves intelligence, power, safety and productivity. Committed to each stage of the production process, we provide you with front-end operation, picking, processing and end application support.

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