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SHENCHONG SW11 12X2000mm 3 Roll Plate Bending Machine For Sale

SHENCHONG SW11 12X2000MM 3 Roll Plate Bending Machine For Sale

SW11 12X2000MM 3 rollers plate bending roll for sale

1. Instructions For Use    

SW11 12X2000mm 3 roll plate bending machine is a symmetrical up-regulation three rollers plate rolling machine, which is used to bend metal plates of a certain thickness into cylindrical and curved parts at room temperature. Its working principle is rotary bending deformation. It is an indispensable equipment for the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry such as chemical industry, cement, shipbuilding, boiler, aviation, water conservancy, transmission and transformation iron towers.


2. SW11-12X2000MM 3 Rollers Plate Bending Roll Main Technical Parameters

- Model: SW11-12X2000MM

- Max. plate thickness: 12mm

- Max. plate width: 2000mm

- Plate yield limit: σs≤245 MPa

- Minimum bending diameter of When the maximum thickness and width: 500mm

- Top roller diameter: 240mm

- Bottom roller diameter: 200mm

- Bottom rollers center space: 310mm

- Work roll rotation drive type: Two bottom rollers mechanically driven

- Main motor power: 11kw

- Before packing size: 4600×1300×1650mm


3. SW11 12X2000MM 3 Roll Plate Rolling Machine Structure and Transmission

3.1 The main components

(1) Upper and lower rolls: important parts of the plate rolling machine, made of high-quality forgings, quenched and tempered and rolled on the surface.

(2) Frame: There is one frame for left and right frame. After the steel plate welding structure, after the welding stress is removed, the frame is equipped with lower roller bearings. Inside the frame is a square buckle screw rod, and the upper end of the screw rod is hinged with the bearing seats at both ends of the upper roller. A worm gear pair and a spiral pair are installed at the lower part. The upper roller is raised or lowered by the rotation of the nut in the worm gear.

(3) Main transmission device: It consists of main motor and cycloid reducer. Drive two work rolls to run, can forward and reverse to provide power for sheet rolling. The reducer uses a cycloid reducer, which is installed on the work base together with the cushion height.

(4) Balance device: It is installed on the reducer side to balance the upper roller when discharging.

(5) Overturning mechanism: It is installed on the upside down side for overturning and recovery of the upside down.

(6) Base: It is an integrated base, which is convenient for installation and lifting. It is welded by section steel and steel plate, and has undergone stress relief treatment. Mount the frame, cycloid reducer, motor, etc. on it to form a whole.

(7) Electrical part: Three-phase 380 V / 50 Hz AC power supply is used. One main motor drives the lower roller to rotate, and one auxiliary motor drives the upper roller to lift. The control electronics of this machine are installed in the control box and have short circuit and overheat protection. The electric cabinet can be placed according to operation needs, and the operation is convenient.


3.2 3 Roller Rolling Machine Transmission

(1) Main drive: The two lower rollers of this machine are driving rollers, and the upper rollers are driven rollers. The main motor drives the lower roller to rotate through the reducer and a pair of open gears. The upper roll is driven by the friction between the steel plate and the work roll.

(2) Sub-drive: The upper roller is raised or lowered through a sub-motor through a sub-reducer, a worm gear, and a spiral pair.


4. Main equipment configuration and purchased parts

(1) The material of the work roll is 45 # refined forging, which is quenched and tempered HB240 ~ 280, and the roll surface is quenched HRC40 ~ 45.

(2) The work roll bearing is a Sino-foreign joint venture Zhejiang Jiashan Oil Free Sliding Bearing Co., Ltd. SF-2 oil free self-lubricating bearing sleeve.

(3) The motor is selected from Nanjing or Wuxi manufacturers.

(4) The main electrical component is Schneider.

5. SW11 12X2000MM 3 Roll Bending Machine Instructions

The feed of the metal plate is driven by the friction between the work roll and the arc. The flatness of the flat plate is curved according to the arc formed by the three tangent points where the metal plate is in contact with the work roll. The size of the radius of curvature of the arc.

(1) Rolling: first confirm that the three rolls are parallel, make the lower bus of the upper roll slightly larger than the thickness of the lower roll, and then feed one end of the sheet to the middle of the lower roll, and then operate the upper roll to lower and clamp the steel plate Ends. Operate the work roll to rotate (make the rotation direction consistent with the feeding direction) to perform the initial bending of the middle of the sheet. According to the size of the curvature radius, adjust the lifting degree of the upper roll accordingly. Repeat this several times until the required curvature radius.

(2) Unloading: first raise the upper roller to a certain height and stop it. At this time, the overturning support will be turned over. The rolled metal cylinder can be discharged from one end of the upper roller. After the unloading is completed, follow the opposite Procedures, gradually recovering.



SHENCHONG After-Sale Service

As a top plate rolling machine manufacturer, Shenchong always focus on customers' satisfaction.

- We will arrange for engineers and installers to go to the site for installation, commissioning and training, which is about 3 days. Or you can arrange for people to come and study.

- The warranty period of the machine is 13 months, including one month in shipping.

- If there is any problem, we will first check the machine problem through video and guide the repair. If it still cannot be solved, an employee will be sent to the site for repair.

- During the warranty period, non-human damage, parts damage shall be responsible by the seller.

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