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SC Robotic Automatic Shearing Production Line Assembly And Adjustment

The customer ordered an automated production line with front-feeding plate shearing machines and robot grippers. Now, our engineers are working on the assembly and debugging of SC automatic feeding shearing machine with Kawasaki robotic gripper.

Robotic Automatic Shearing Production Line Assembly

1. Features of robotic automated shearing

- The robotic automated shearing machine unit enables 7*24 all-weather unmanned loading and unmanned unloading.

- Efficiently complete the cutting and trimming work of small to medium-sized to large metal sheets.

- The robot shearing automatic loading and unloading system can automatically measure the thickness of the plate, and has the function of plate separation and plate detection.

- The structural principle is to use a vacuum suction device as the robot's tooling to replace traditional manual loading. Reduce labor requirements.

- Improve work safety. Reduce the risk of personal injury and labor intensity.

- Reduce staff working hours.


2. SHENCHONG sheet metal automation

Wuxi Shenchong focuses on the R&D and production of sheet metal equipment automation. It has built sustainable production advantages in the fields of sheet metal processing equipment production and sheet metal automated production. Provide competitive solutions, products and services to customers with sheet metal production needs.

Robotic Automatic Shearing Production Line

SC sheet metal forming and automation development:

- In 2002, the Sheet Metal Processing Equipment Research Department was established, focusing on sheet metal bending, shearing and rolling, and continuously developing bending machines, shearing machines and plate rolling machines that meet social needs.

- In 2007, the Sheet Metal Automation Research Department and Industry Department were established. Taking the automation of sheet metal equipment as the research direction, we began to focus on the automation of shearing, bending, and forming supporting equipment.

- In 2014, the Sheet Metal Equipment Energy Research Department was established, dedicated to the research and development of high-performance, high-energy-saving, and high-productivity sheet metal processing equipment, production units and production lines.


We have our own commissioning engineers, so we can provide service anytime when you needed. There is no need to wait for third-party services. SHENCHONG will directly install and commission the plate shearing machine with robot for you, with higher precision and faster service.