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Cobalt Or Nickel Plate Strip And Block Shearing Machine

Some new energy companies need to use precious metals broken into small pieces as additives in production. Since the purchase cost of precious metals is very high, new energy enterprise customers need to purchase high-precision shearing machines. And because the production intensity of such enterprises is high and they need a large amount of block nickel plates or cobalt plates, we recommend that customers purchase SC automatic front-feeding guillotine shearing machines.

Cobalt Plate Shearing Machine

Cobalt Or Nickel Plate Shearing Machine Model:

- QC11KQ 12X2500MM

- QC11KQ 30X2500MM

- SHENCHONG self developed CNC controller

Nickel Plate Shearing Machine

Shenchong specializes in customizing cobalt or nickel plate shearing machines. Suitable for high-intensity, high-speed, high-precision metal cutting work.


SC Automatic Front-feeding Guillotine Shearing Machine Features:

- The whole frame of Shenchong front feeding plate shearing machine adopts steel structure and the internal stress is eliminated through the tempering treatment, with excellent rigidity and stability.

- Front-feeding shearing machine can automatically calculate the shear stroke according to the width of the sheet and save the shearing time to the maximum.

- The blade carrier also adopts the steel structure, and under the action of the oil cylinder, it moves up and down along the roller to complete the shearing action.

- CNC hydraulic guillotine front feeding shearing machine is a new generation with European technology. The use of European style machine modeling design, unique and pretty.

- The front feeding device is steel structure, tempering process, which eliminates stress with good rigidity and stability. It adopts rolling ball over the table to reduce resistance during feeding and to avoid scratch on the surface of working table.


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