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6000MM Sheet Metal Bending Machine For Door Industry

The 6000mm sheet metal bending machine ordered by our customer who makes door panels has been shipped!

200TON 6000MM Sheet Metal Bending Machine shipment

Common door panels are made of: wooden doors, steel doors, aluminum alloy doors, PVC doors (solid wooden doors, titanium alloy doors, plastic steel doors, ecological doors, composite doors), plastic doors, iron doors, aluminum-wood doors, stainless steel doors, glass doors, etc. Metal door panels will be processed using press brake sheet metal bending machines. Generally, door panels are longer, so our customers customized a 200 ton 6000mm sheet metal bending machine energy-saving CNC series this time.

Door panel bending machine configuration:

- WSK energy-saving electro-hydraulic series

- 200Ton 6000mm sheet metal bending machine

- EL15T CNC system

- 4+1 axis

200TON 6000MM Sheet Metal Bending Machine

Generally, the manufacturing of doors and windows is carried out in street workshops, so the requirements for noise and environmental protection are high. Energy-saving electro-hydraulic synchronous bending machine has low noise and is environmentally friendly. SC WSK servo electro-hydraulic CNC sheet metal bending machine saves 60% of energy consumption compared with the commonly used electro-hydraulic CNC press brake machine. The machine oil temperature is stable, which is conducive to long-term continuous work. The service life of each component of the hydraulic system is long.