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Sheet Metal Punch Machine Operation Safety [How To Guide]

Sheet metal punch machines can be used to process various sheet metal parts. Each CNC punching machine should have a unified management method, and the metal plate punching machine manufacturer will introduce the most reasonable usage method of CNC punching machine equipment to you. Let each operator develop good habits, so that they can operate more smoothly.

1. Sheet Metal Punch Machine Operation Procedures

CNC Punch Machine Operation

- Punch machine operation workers must undergo learning, master the structure and performance of the equipment, be familiar with operating procedures, and obtain operating permits before they can operate independently.

- Properly use the safety protection and control devices on the equipment and do not dismantle them arbitrarily.

- Check whether the transmission, connection, lubrication, and protective safety devices of the machine tool are normal. The screws for installing the mold must be firm and must not be moved.

- The sheet metal machine tool should undergo a trial run test before operation, and idle for 2-3 minutes. Check the flexibility of control devices such as foot brakes. Confirm normal operation before use. Do not operate with faults.

- Pay attention to the firmness when checking the mold. Align the upper and lower molds to ensure the correct position. Rotate the machine tool by hand for trial operation to ensure that the mold is in good condition before working.

- Before starting the CNC punch, pay attention to lubrication. Remove all floating items from the machine tool.

- When starting or running a CNC punch press, the operator should stand properly. Keep your hands and head at a certain distance from the punching machine, and always pay attention to the movement of the punching machine. It is strictly prohibited to chat with others.

- When punching short and small workpieces, special tools should be used. Do not use hands to directly deliver or retrieve materials.

- When punching long body parts, a safety support frame or other safety measures should be installed to avoid excavation damage.

- When charging at a single point, hands and feet are not allowed to be placed on the hand or foot brake, and must be stepped on once. Strictly prevent accidents.

- When two or more people operate together, the person responsible for stepping on the brake must pay attention to the actions of the material feeder. It is strictly prohibited to step on the brake while taking materials.

- Turn off the sheet metal punch machine promptly at the end of the work. Cut off the power, wipe the machine tool, and tidy up the environment.


2. CNC Punch Machine Operation Safety Guidelines


In order to ensure personal safety and equipment stability and prevent production accidents, please observe the following safety rules.

- Please set up a safety warning sign near the CNC sheet metal punch machines.

- Please set up partitions around the CNC punching machine to form a working area.

During the sheet metal punch machine operation, if the moving parts extend out of the platform, someone may accidentally pass by and get injured. If barriers are set up around the equipment, the working area will be enclosed. Operators operating in safe areas can reduce the occurrence of such production accidents.

- CNC punching machines must be managed and operated by special personnel (personnel who have been strictly trained and qualified to operate).

- This equipment can only process plates with certain specifications. Do not process plates beyond the capacity of this equipment. Prevent damage to the CNC punch or safety accidents.

- Before the CNC sheet metal punching machine starts to run, please check the equipment, the punching machine, the die and other parts to ensure that all parts meet the normal operation conditions of the equipment.

- Without the permission of the manufacturer of CNC sheet metal punch, please do not make any modification to the equipment, so as to avoid damage to the equipment and potential safety hazards.

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Reminder everyone that the specific situation of each device is different, and it is still necessary to operate and maintain according to the equipment's instructions. Correct operation helps to maintain the sheet metal punches in good working condition and improve its service life.