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Advantages of Press Brake Follow-up Device That Will Help You!

1. Why use front support press brake follow-up device?

In the process of sheet metal processing, the bending of larger plates has always been a headache.

Because the size of the plate is relatively large, and the weight of the plate is also relatively large. It often requires 3 to 4 people to fold a work piece, which is costly.

Not to mention the manpower, the accuracy of the work piece produced by this is relatively low, and the operator is also relatively tired.

Wuxi Shenchong press brake follow-up device solves this problem very well, which not only saves labor, but also improves production efficiency, and the precision of the finished parts is much higher.

As a newly developed new generation of CNC electro-hydraulic press brake, the original intention of the design is not to use hydraulic control to control the related actions of the front support mechanism.

Instead, it uses all servo motors to directly drive the mechanical structure to move, thereby realizing the front support mechanism.

The movement of each servo motor is uniformly matched by the numerical control system to match the respective parameters to make the relevant actions match and meet the requirements.

2. What are the advantages of the servo bending follow-up device for the auxiliary equipment?

servo bending follow-up press brake

During the bending process, the sheet material receives a local impact force.

If the lower part of the sheet is not supported by a bracket, when the sheet is bent, the impact force received by the sheet will radiate outwards.

That will cause the sheet to deform greatly and affect the bending quality of the sheet.

Therefore, the complexity of the mechanism lies in the fact that the movement trajectory of the support plate must be exactly the same as the movement trajectory of the work piece during the bending process.

The movement speed must be kept consistent so that the plate is always subjected to a supporting force to make it no deformation.

In addition to the fact that the trajectory and speed of the two must be the same, the height of the mold and the width of the mold opening are different when the sheets of different thicknesses are bent. That makes the starting point and the pivot point of the sheet when the sheet is turned up.

Everything has changed. All these uncertain factors put forward higher requirements for the motion trajectory, speed control and position adjustment of the follow-up feeding mechanism.

At present, most factories use manual material support.

For ordinary small materials, only one person can operate a bending machine,. But when it comes to large-format sheet metal, it usually requires 4 to 6 people to operate a hydraulic press brake machine.

Not to mention the extremely labor-intensive, and the instability of manual feeding is likely to cause product quality problems, and it is also not conducive to production control.

There are also press brake machine manufacturers that have their own support racks. But they often cannot synchronize their operation with the sheet metal.

During the bending process, there is often a period of time when the sheet metal and the material holder cannot be closely attached. That causes the sheet material to shake during the bending process. The stability is poor, and it is easy to be damaged.

Secondly, when bending different sheets, in order to make the supporting frame and the sheet material can be closely attached. And it is often necessary to adjust the position of the supporting material properly.

However, the current supporting material is driven by a cylinder chain, and the adjustment distance cannot be judged, resulting in a reduction in adjustment accuracy and a complex adjustment structure. Poor practicality.

3. The structure and working principle of the supporting mechanism before the follow-up

structure of the front support mechanism

Wuxi Shenchong feels that the entire structure of the front support mechanism is composed of two servo motors.

For molds of different heights, in order to ensure that the upper plane of the front support mechanism’s flap is always at the same level as the upper plane of the lower mold, the servo motor can transmit power to drive the lead screw through the pulley to drive the entire slide to move up and down.

Another servo motor is installed on the sliding seat, and the lead screw is driven by a pulley to rotate.

At the same time, a long key groove is opened on the lead screw, and a bolt is installed at the top dead center position of the key groove.

The rotating motion of the lead screw becomes the lead screw moving up and down along the long keyway opened by itself under the action of the bolt, so as to drive the flap to complete a circular motion around the fixed point. The flap can be bent tightly at all times sheet material and track the sheet material to complete a complete bending process.

4. What are the advantages of the servo front supporting mechanism of press brake?

Servo Sheet Follower CNC Control

– High compatibility

The servo bending follower is a semi-automatic tool that assists the bending workers to make upturning actions during the bending process.

The servo bending follower is different from the follow-up devices on the market. There is no requirement.

The press brake follow-up car has an independent control system, which can be moved and used in conjunction with any bending equipment on the production site.

The bending machine interface and the follow-up car parameters should be debugged during the first installation, and the next time it is connected. It only needs to be manually connected.

Adjust the height of the car, call out the follow-up parameters of the current press brake machine for sale, and then use it. There is no need to purchase a bending machine equipped with a follow-up mechanism in order to improve the process, reducing the production investment of the factory.

– Scalability

The standard pallet size of the servo bending press brake follow-up car is 900mm× The brush plate is mainly used to avoid the scratches caused by the sheet metal bending process. The profile support can be added to expand the pallet size according to the requirements of the processed workpiece. Make individual transformations according to customer requirements.

Rotating pallets can be added to reduce the difficulty in the direction of rotation of large-size work One or two operators can easily and stably complete the bending process of large panels.

Universal bearings can be added around the pallet to reduce the difficulty of loading and unloading large-size work.

– High stability

The servo bending follower adopts a single-axis mechanical linkage mode. It simplifies the control program on the one hand and improves the stability of the machine on the other hand.

At the same time, simple operation and fool-proof settings allow operators to quickly get started.

Servo bending sheet follower trolley and bending forming machine can quickly form a semi-automated form. That can save labor and can quickly and flexibly proofing and mass production, which has good economic benefits.