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The upper roller universal rolling machine must not only do daily maintenance, but also take first and secondary maintenance after using 500 hours and 5,000 hours.
The deformation of the workpiece in sheet metal forming is a relatively difficult problem to solve. To sum up, for easily deformable workpieces, corresponding countermeasures must be taken in terms of raw materials and sheet metal forming technology. Need to be analyzed according to different situations, we will find a suitable metal forming route.
Cut to length is equipment that cut raw materials horizontally according to the actual needs of customers in order to prepare sheet metal plates for subsequent forming processes. The article introduce its structure and configuration.
Cut to length and slitting lines are used to uncoiling, leveling, sizing, cutting and stacking metal coils into flat sheets of desired length. This article simply introduce these two kinds of machines.
Sheet metal structure is the processing and production of thin metal plates. With the continuous development of sheet metal industry, today's metal processing technology is diverse. Sheet metal structural part design is a widely used and practical part in processing technology.
Both bending robot and sheet follower are used to assist CNC press brake machine to achieve semi-automatic or fully automatic sheet metal bending processing. So, what are they suitable for? What are the advantages and disadvantages? How should users choose?