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Common Problems of Steel Plate Shearing Machine 2024 New

Problem 1: After the steel plate shearing machine has been used for a period of time, the knife side is changed, the clearance is not correct.

Adjust the shearing blade clearance

Solutions: Adjust the shearing blade clearance

It is a very important to adjust the blade clearance which relates the cutting quality and knife life.

Pls follow below procedures: the clearance data is 0.07~0.10 times of the plate thickness, the plate thickness =0.07~0.10 t.

The above is for specific elongation δ= 0.21 . For more than 0.21, it is suggested to use smaller clearance.

And for less than 0.21, pls use larger clearance. Turn the handwheel in the front of the plane board to adjust the clearance data.

That means adjust the clearance according to the plate thickness. The data will be displayed on the handwheel.

The adjustment procedure is as below: turn the switch to adjust mode, adjust knife beam to balance( cutting angle is 0, Turn the clearance adjust handwheel anticlockwise to the “smallest clearance”, turn off main motor(power on), press oil filling button, move knife beam down until distance between upper and bottom blades is 3~5mm, adjust the bolts and nut which support bottom blade on work table, use the plug gauge to inspect the clearance. After the adjustment is finished, repeat reset course of knife beam.

- Turn the switch on the panel to adjust function

- Press oil filling button and angle increase button meantime, adjust the filling pressure to 16~18 MPa and keep 2~3 seconds.

- Loose the angle increase button first, then loose oil filling button, knife beam return.

- Turn the switch on the panel to cutting function.

Problem 2: After the machine is used for a long time, the seals are aging and oil leakage occurs.

Change new cylinder seals

Solutions: Change new cylinder seals.

1) Move the blade to the bottom point:

Turn the key to “Adjust” on the controller panel, Please don’t start pump, press the “Fill Oil” button, press it more time (maybe 30-40 seconds), the blade will go down.

2) Release all oil of nitrogen cylinder. Put a steel tube to support the blade body from the ground(the steel tube is between the ground and blade body), the steel tube should near the side of the leakage cylinder.

3) Now you can disassemble the cylinder.

4) After changing the seals, pull out the piston, install the piston on steel plate shearing machine, please notice the position of pin hole. Then finish installing cylinder. Connect the pipes. Fix all lifting screws. Take out the support steel tube, you just need use crane to lift a little the blade body, the tube can be taken out.

5) At last you can do oil fill.

Problem 3: The return speed of steel plate shearing machine slowly, machine can not cut plate.

Shearing Machine Pressure


1) Fill oil one more time

  - Machine power on, motor and pump start;

  - Turn the key to “Adjust”on the panel, then press the “FILL OIL” button around 30-40 seconds, blade body will move up;

  - Turn the switch to “Cut”, machine can work.

2) Check whether there are signs of leakage and oil leakage in each connection part of the shearing machine.

3) Check the nitrogen pressure in the accumulator of the shearing machine (normal nitrogen pressure is 6-8Mpa, if it is lower than that, please charge nitrogen in time)

How to charge nitrogen?

- Move the blade to the bottom point.

- Turn the key to “Adjust” on the panel, No start pump, press the “Fill Oil” button, press it more time (maybe 30-40 seconds), the blade will go down.

- Connect the chargetool, open valve, start charge, when around 6-8Mpa, it’s OK. ( In the spare part box of our steel shearing machine, we are equipped with a set of charge tools for each plate shearing machine. )

Problem 4: The blade of shearing machine one side always fall, after “Fill oil”, it still falls after several times of use.

CNC Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine

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- Check whether the oil cylinder sealsis oil leak or aged after using several years, try to replace the oil cylinder sealing ring.

- Check whether the solenoid ball valve is stuck or damaged. Because the solenoid ball valves for controlling the two sides of shearing blade are the same, wecan first exchange the solenoid ball valve left and right. If after the valve exchange, the side of the self-fall before, which is working well now, then this side solenoid ball valve has a problem. We can try to clean it, or replace the valve with a new one.

During the operation of the shearing machine, we should pay attention to the following points:

- Operator should be familiar with the construction and characteristics of the machine .The machine is operated by several operators simultaneously, so should arrange special person to be in charge of the production.

- Never put the hand within the upper and lower blades to avoid hurt.

- To prevent accident due to tools and dirty things between knives, there’re should no tools and dirty things on the worktable.

- You should period check the sharpness of knives , if they become blunt ,you should grind or change at once. To grind the knives you should only grind the thickness and ensure the thickness of one set knife are same .

- You should period check each part of machine , maintain the cleanness of the machine and surround environment and the good insulation of wire .

To maintain filter in good condition , you should often check and clean the filter mounted on the suction port of pump . If the filter not in good condition , it will effect the life of pump.