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Asymmetry 3-Roller Bending Roll

3-Roll Plate Bending Machine For Sale

Asymmetry 3 roll bending machine 10×1500mm

The equipment is an asymmetric three roll rolling machine, used to roll metal plates of certain thickness into cylinder shape and arc shape under room temperature. No additional equipment are required and pre-bending function is equipped. Its working principle is rotary bending deformation. This plate rolling machine is necessary for boiler, shipbuilding, petrochemical, cement, motor and other machine manufacturing industries.

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Asymmetric Three Roll Rolling Machine Advantages and Differences:

- High Precision

- Small pre-bend straight edge

- CNC controlled, high precision of the ring system

- Coils of generator for both Cylinder and Cone

- Designed for small and thin plate to bend the roll

- The pre-bent straight edge is small, the rolling precision is high, the bus bar can be rounded, and the operation is simple.

- Working roll device: a turbine box structure with excellent force transmission performance, worm gear, little wear and no mute.

- Siding roll adopts electronic monitoring: it can effectively control the position of side rolling, convenient to operate.

- Safety stop: easy to use, with a full range of safety ropes, the operator can stop the machine in any direction and avoid accidents.

- Pre-bend and generator rolling functions helps to ensure the machine can bend the perfect roll at one time.

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SW11C Asymmetry 3-Roller Bending Roll Components:

- Working roll: upper roll, lower roll, side roll with related accessories

- Frame and related accessories

- Machine base

- Reducer and Motor

- Discharge device

- Electrical parts

- Hydraulic parts


- Excellent choice to roll small size and thin steel or other sheet metal plate (<6x3100mm) with pre-bend function.

- Good for manufacturing ventilating pipe & decoration.

- Boiler, shipbuilding, petrochemical, cement, motor and other machine manufacturing industries.

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