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Why Choose AMADA Sheet Metal Machine?

1. Overall Brief


From the aspects of market size, product structure, product technical performance and comprehensive management system, AMADA CO., LTD has gradually formed a group listed company integrating product development, design, manufacturing, education, training and after-sales service.

AMADA CO., LTD has 83 branches in all continents of the world. Countless Amada dealer sell Amada products to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

It produces a wide variety of sheet metal processing machinery, excellent performance and advanced technology, making it the world’s first sheet metal processing machinery industry.

The 21st century intelligent automatic sheet metal processing center developed and manufactured by AMADA CO., LTD in the 1990s has set a precedent for the intelligent processing of the world sheet metal industry and won the highest award for technological invention in Japan.

2. Founded Background

AMADA Founded

AMADA CO., LTD was founded by Amada Isamu in 1946, initially mainly engaged in the operation of sheet metal machinery and cutting products.

In 1955, a band saw disk named Contour was developed and manufactured, and sales began in 1956.

In 1965, the Torc-Pac brand in the United States and the Promecam brand in France were bought out and sold under the name of Amada.

As a result, “Amada” entered a period of rapid development and became a world-class brand in the sheet metal business.

It enjoys a high reputation in developed countries such as Japan, the United States or Europe. It is a world leader in sheet metal processing machinery and equipment, and is also the world’s largest professional manufacturer of sheet metal equipment in the market.

3. Company’s Product

The main products are:

Amada CNC punch press, Amada press brake, plate shears, Amada laser cutting machines and other sheet metal processing machinery, as well as corresponding Amada tooling, spare parts, and cutting products.

AMADA Products

It launches new products every year.

In 2009, the proportion of new products in merchandise sales was 22%, which increased to 29% in 2010, and the 2011 plan was 38%.

In the past two years, it has introduced and applied new management methods and technologies, which has greatly shortened the development cycle of new products from the previous two to three years to about one and a half years.

It defines the future competition of sheet metal machinery to the fiber laser cutting machine. And in October 2010, the newly developed fiber laser cutting machine FOL-3015FiberAJ was released at the EuroBlech exhibition in Germany.

In 2011, the fiber laser cutting machine became the highlight of AMADA’s product strategy. This year, Amada plans to mature the FOL-4kw model of the fiber laser machine, and at the same time increase market investment for the F1-2kw model.

To achieve mass production by 2012 to reduce costs. For fiber laser machines, AMADA has placed full hope.

According to their market survey, in 2010, the worldwide sales of laser machines were 5,000 units, of which AMADA sold 678 units.

AMADA’s development funding for laser machines will increase from 6.3 billion yen in 2010 to 8 to 9 billion yen in 2013.

4. Management Policy

– Quality brand

– A full set of pre-sales training

– Excellent after-sales service

– Strict management system

5. AMADA in China

Early Chinese Market

– The relationship between Amada and China began in the 1980s.

– Amada sold the first CNC punching machine in China in 1983.

– Established a Beijing office in 1986, one of the first foreign companies to enter the Chinese market.

– In 1993, Beijing established a mold manufacturing plant.

– Set up a factory in Lianyungang in 1994 to produce band saws and knives.

– In January 1996, Beijing Tiantian Machine Tool & Mould Co., Ltd. was established, and Tiantian Industry and Trade Company (Shanghai) was established in September.

–  In 2001, Amada International Company (Shenzhen) was established to engage in sales and after-sales services.

AMADA Market

The Rise of Chinese Market

– Although Amada has developed in China for nearly 30 years, its true rise began in the 21st century.

– From 2002 to 2007, Amada’s sales in the Chinese market showed a slow growth curve, from 6.3 billion yen, 8.2 billion yen, 10.2 billion yen, to 17.5 billion yen in 2007, with an annual growth rate from Ranging from 13% to 30%.

– Beginning in 2009, Amada China’s sales were 11.5 billion yen, and 2010 sales were 15.2 billion yen, a growth rate of 32%.

– In 2011, Amada’s sales plan in the Chinese market is 19.9 billion yen, and the growth rate is still expected to reach more than 30%.

– As of July 23, 2011, Amada China has basically completed the sales tasks scheduled for the headquarters from January to July.

AMADA New Chinese Market Strategy

With the growth of business, Amada has formulated a new 2011-2014 China market strategy.

– Expansion of production capacity

The first is to expand the plant, expanding the area of the original plant in Shanghai.

The second is to expand the product variety and increase the original production varieties of bending machines, laser machines, and punching machines.

– Set up a new organization

Establish a China regional headquarters in Qingpu, Shanghai. At the same time, it will also invest US$25 million to establish a financial services company in China to raise funds for customers through financing leases and installment payments to help Chinese customers solve the problem of limited funds. “

– Increase sales outlets

Extending from the east coast to the inland, 7 new sales organizations including Chongqing, Hefei and Wuhan were added. Different from Amada’s usual direct selling method, it plans to implement a product agency system in some regions in China this time, but after-sales service is still done by itself.

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