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QC11Y 10x4000MM Sheet Metal Hydraulic Shearing Machine For Sale

QC11Y 10x4000MM Sheet Metal Hydraulic Plate Shearing Machine For Sale

10x4000mm sheet metal hydraulic guillotine shearing machine

10x4000mm NC plate shearing machine backgauge

QC11Y 10X4000MM NC Guollotine Shear Machine Specification

- Max. cutting thickness of plate: 10mm

- Max. cutting width of plate: 4000mm

- Cutting angle(adjustable): 0.5°-3°

- Cutting linear accuracy: ±0.05mm/M

- Stroke frequency: 8-30 times/min

- Max. distance of back gauge: 750mm

- Back gauge repeat positioning accuracy: ±0.05

- Back gauge any positioning accuracy: ±0.08

- Throat depth: 100

- Motor power: 15kw

- Overall Dimensions: 4690x1970x2450mm

- Weight: 13 Tons

QC11Y 10X4000MM Hydraulic Plate Guillotine Shear Feature

1. Estun NC E21S go-to programmable hardened screw back-gauge 750mm travel with fine adjustment.

2. Adjustable hydraulic variable blade rake system via control panel 0.5˚- 3˚.

3. Rapid blade gap adjustment.

4. Emergency stops fitted on both ends of machine for additional safety.

5. Individual hydraulic hold downs with nylon pads.

6. Shadow line lighting allows operator to quickly see the cut line.

7. Swing away back-gauge function for cutting long sheets.

8. 4-edge quality 6CrW2Si blades.

9. FIRST hydraulic valves.

10. Telemecanique electrical components(Schneider).

11. Transfer balls on table & support arms.

12. Support arms and squaring arms.

13. Stroke counter and short stroke adjustment.

14. Sliding chute with ball transfers inserts for cut pieces.

15. Two safety photo electric light beams on rear guarding.

10mm 4000mm NC Guillotine Shear Standard Configuration:

1. Hydraulic guillotine structures.

2. Clip-and- sleeve system.

3. Blade clearance adjustment(manually)

4. Cutting angle adjustment,back-gauge driven by motor and display in NC system

5. Blades material 6CrW2Si

6. Safe pedal with emergency button.

7. Hydraulic system: FIRST.

8. Motor: Chinese famous brand

9. Pump: FIRST, USA

10. NOK Japan layer seals for main cylinders.

11. Schneider main electrics.

12. Light alignment device

13. Electrical cabinet with ABB switch power outage.

10x4000mm Guillotine Shearing Machine For Sale

Shenchong guillotine shearing machine configuration

10X4000MM Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine E21 Controller

E21 for Guillotine Shearing Machine

1. High definition LCD screen: Chinese and English are available. One page displays the programming parameters. Writing programs is faster and more convenient.

2. Back gauge: Intelligent positioning. Manually adjusted as needed.

3. Shear stroke: built-in shear time relay. Easy to operate. Cost savings.

4. Shear angle: built-in shear angle adjustment function.

5. Blade gap: encoder feedback. Real-time display of blade gap size. Easy to operate.

6. Parameter one-button backup and recovery function. Parameters can be restored at any time as needed. Reduce maintenance costs.

SHENCHONG After-Sale Service

As a top hydraulic guillotine shearing machine manufacturer, Shenchong always focus on customers' satisfaction.

- We will arrange for engineers and installers to go to the site for installation, commissioning and training, which is about 3 days. Or you can arrange for people to come and study.

- The warranty period of the machine is 13 months, including one month in shipping.

- If there is any problem, we will first check the machine problem through video and guide the repair. If it still cannot be solved, an employee will be sent to the site for repair.

- During the warranty period, non-human damage, parts damage shall be responsible by the seller.

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