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Furnace Industry Shearing Machine QC11K - 16X2500MM E21S

The furnace manufacturing factory has ordered a metal shearing machine from us. It has been shipped and installed and debugged at the customer's factory.

Our customers in the furnace industry mainly produce various heat treatment equipment and provide heat treatment processes, including various industrial electric furnaces, gas furnaces, fuel oil furnaces, etc. The shells of these furnaces are all made of metal plates and require the use of a guillotine shear for cutting.

Furnace Industry Shearing Machine Delivery

Furnace Industry Shearing Machine Configuration:

- QC11K Series

- 16X2500MM
- E21S Control System


Furnace industry metal sheet cutting

Furnace Industry Products:

Trolley type furnaces, bell type furnaces, well type furnaces, melting furnaces, insulation furnaces, pool type melting furnaces, vertical aluminum alloy quenching furnaces, push rod furnaces, box type furnaces, bar material heating furnaces, combined rotor hot running furnaces, sponge titanium reduction furnaces, distillation furnaces, thermal closed furnaces, walking furnaces, drum furnaces, salt bath furnaces, pit furnaces, and other supporting equipment.

Shearing Machine QC11K 16X2500MM E21S

The metal plates used in the furnace industry need to be cut using a plate shearing machine. Welcome to inquire!