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3200MM Steel Plate Bending Machine For Sale

A refrigeration equipment manufacturer ordered a 3200mm steel plate bending machine from us. It has now been delivered to the customer's factory workshop and it is in operation!

100ton 3200mm steel plate bending machine delivery

Steel Plate Bending Machine Model:

- WSK electro-hydraulic energy-saving series

- 100Ton 3200mm sheet metal bending machine

- EL15T CNC controller

- 4+1 axis

Many parts in refrigeration equipment are made of stainless steel or other metal workpieces. This requires the use of various metal processing equipment for production. The common production and processing equipment includes steel plate bending machines, shearing machines, laser cutting machines, punching machines, etc.

100ton 3200mm steel plate bending machine

Tell us your sheet metal plate information (thickness, length and material type) and your contacts, SHENCHONG will choose the best press brake machine model for you and send you quotation.