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Understand: Front Sheet Follower Supports Structure and Functions

When bending workpieces, press brake machines often process workpieces with longer lengths and heavier weights. When the press brake bends, as the mold closes, the sheet metal on both sides of the bending line flips upwards. In order to avoid the impact of bending and gravity on the bending accuracy of workpieces caused by excessively long or heavy sheet materials, we recommend equipping them with front sheet follower supports.

1. Overview of Front Sheet Follower Supports

Press Brake Front Sheet Follower Supports

During bending, according to the motion trajectory of the workpiece, the pallet can always follow the movement of the workpiece sheet. While ensuring the bending accuracy of the workpiece, front followers greatly save manpower and reduces the difficulty of auxiliary support materials.

Through the combination of linear and rotational movements of the support plate, the trajectory and speed of the flipping can be accurately matched with the reverse and speed of the plate bending. This bending follower device has an independent motion axis with fully automatic CNC.

The front sheet follower supports has an independent motion axis with full automatic numerical control. This production and processing method can be used in batch production of many varieties and sizes.

2. Composition and Structure Of Sheet Followers

Front Sheet Follower Support

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The follow-up support is usually connected to the plate bending machine, which includes a bracket, support mechanism, guide mechanism, driving mechanism, and transmission mechanism.

Mainly connected to the press brake machine through the bracket section. The remaining guiding mechanism, driving mechanism, and transmission mechanism are all connected to the bracket. Then, the supporting mechanism is connected to the guiding mechanism. Finally, the driving mechanism drives the supporting mechanism to move along the guiding mechanism through the transmission mechanism.

The Shenchong front sheet follower support has the characteristics of stable structure, good usage effect, and long service life as a whole.

3. Advantages Of Sheet Follower Bending

The Wuxi Shenchong press brake front sheet follower supports adopt a novel design with servo motor drive, wider workbench, and greater load capacity.

- Save labor

- Improve press brake bending process fficiency

- The servo device and sheet bending action are fully synchronized

- Match with various brands and models of bending machines

- Independent control system. No need to modify the brake press. No need to take any signals from the machine box to avoid unnecessary trouble

- Move to match the machine at any time for use

The bending advantages of large workpieces and thick plates are obvious, reducing bending assistants, reducing labor intensity and having strong flexibility. One bending follower support can be used with multiple bending machines, and the investment cost is relatively low. 

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