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This Shenchong shearing automated production unit realizes automatic loading, positioning, shearing, rotation, automatic transmission and waste collection of plates with a thickness of 18-24mm and a size of 300x2200mm-600x2200mm.
The customer ordered an automated production line with front-feeding plate shearing machines and robot grippers. Now, our engineers are working on the assembly and debugging of SC automatic feeding shearing machine with Kawasaki robotic gripper.
On the occasion of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new, in order to show the company's rapid changes and vigorous development, enhance friendship and enhance cohesion, the company held the 2023 Annual Summary Commendation & 2024 New Year Party.
Last week, Russian customers visited Shenchong factory. The two Russian clients mainly visited and inspected the SC robot bending workshop. Nowadays, robot bending has been successfully applied in various fields such as electrical cabinets, elevators, communication cabinets, file cabinets, ovens, kitchenware, etc. Automatic robot bending meets the requirements of highly intelligent production.
In Egypt, we have long-term stable cooperative distributors. Every year, SC Egypt distributor purchase bending machines, shearing machines, and rolling machines for Egyptian customers. In December of this year, Egyptian dealers came to China and visited the Shenchong factory.
More and more people are aware of the automated production line for sheet metal. Here is a Laser Cutting Automatic Production Case we have designede for our clients. The sheet metal laser cutting automated storage system provides personalized customization solutions to meet your production system needs.